Business gift according to high vanity budget

Season when opportunities to give transfer and the retirement, gift including promotion in autumn increase.
Therefore we send recommended gift by business scene according to budget! As for the activeness and brand powers of appearance,
As it is particular about thing performing "high vanity" than price, it is certain to have you please from moment when you opened!

High vanity budget 3,000 yen gift

Cosmetics and accessory
Print and logo that are Aiko Nic are hazu sanai!

If it is budget around 3,000 yen, petit accessories such as cosmetics or handkerchief are classic. Above all, hazushi is not precocious regardless of partner in design and quality if it is print that is Aiko Nic of popular brand with reputation and item with logo. We put the name, and SNS including product and one point of thing is person trouble to shine, and to do, or item with a figure "feeling of present" is seen high, too, and effect recommends highly.

Around 3,000 yen

1. Good-quality handkerchief using shirt fabrics of the world
<HTokyo> Handkerchief
Each [it includes tax] 1,620 yen /7 floor men's underwear
2. Water absorption power & feel to become captive in an instant when we use once
<FEILER> Mini-handkerchief
(inc. tax) 2,376 yen /9 floor FEILER
3. Lip only for one is completed with free name case in the world
<esuti-roda> Lip
(inc. tax) It is /2 floor cosmetic from 3,996 yen
4. Aroma is attractive, too ♪ Naturalism hair care from Italy
<dabinesu> Natural technical center shampoo
(inc. tax) 2,592 yen /7 floor men cosmetics
5. Leather accessory for adult whom taste is given to so as to embezzle
<Prairie> Shoes seawife & key ring
(inc. tax) 3,780 yen /7 floor gentleman clothing
6. A piece of thing that buried individuality of thought of ceramists shines.
<the in the mood> Le Sur Flea cup
(inc. tax) 3,240 yen /9 floor living

※Print of handkerchief may be different. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

High vanity budget 5,000 yen gift

With accessories and miscellaneous goods raising fashion
We emphasize sense

Budget 5,000 yen other than miscellaneous goods as for the accessories to candidate. We can emphasize sense casually if we give item raising fashion including bangle and Thai bar. It is art that screw chooses design and feel of texture that there is in metallic system which is usable without moving to preference of fashion when we give accessories. In addition, gorgeous miscellaneous goods which are usable for accessories sense are one push.

Around 5,000 yen

1. Bangle made of "Japanese paper wind" to produce nuance bell
Plain People Nagae Plus bangle
(inc. tax) 4,320-6,480 yen /4 floor plane people
2. At hand that is feminine by glitter of Swarovski
<Swarovski> Ball-point pen
(inc. tax) 5,400 yen /3 floor Swarovski
3. With luxurious mug teatime at time of supreme bliss
<WEDGWOOD> Renaissance gold mug cup
(inc. tax) 5,400 yen /9 floor WEDGWOOD
4. Smart folding umbrella from German long-established store
<kunirupusu> Umbrella
(inc. tax) 6,264 yen /7 floor gentleman clothing
5. It is recommended to stylish boy! Thai bar
<Paul Stuart> Thai bar
(inc. tax) 5,400 yen /7 floor gentleman clothing
6. Admiration of vinosity! High-quality sommelier knife
<rye yawl> Sommelier knife
(inc. tax) 6,480 yen /9 floor living

※Handles of umbrella may be different. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

High vanity budget 10,000 yen gift

Of brand of trust usable for a long time
Good-quality basic item

If it is budget for choice 10,000 yen that width spreads through, what we give basic item daringly is recommended. If man is ball-point pen and tie, woman, heavy rotation must be from usual times including pouch and jewelry when we choose item doing as quality from trustworthy long-established store brand. In addition, gift of order-made shirts which can create size that is good to oneself is recommended.

Around 10,000 yen

1. Genuine stone X fresh water pearl is refined and gorgeous
<WISP> K10 earrings
(inc. tax) 14,040 yen /3 floor WISP
2. There is reputation to abundant color development and size that it is easy to use
<Herve Chapelier> Pouch
(inc. tax) It is /2 floor Herve Chapelier from 10,368 yen
3. We present comfortable comfort without stress
<LANVIN> <AQUA SCUTUM> Order-made shirts
(inc. tax) 16,200 yen /7 floor order-made shirts
4. Set that link of design is stylish
(inc. tax) 10,800 yen /7 floor tie
5. Ball-point pen which is still loved as thing throughout the life in old days
<parka> Ball-point pen
(inc. tax) 10,800 yen /7 floor writing utensils

※Print of shirt and tie may be different. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

High vanity budget 3,000 yen - 10,000 yen gourmet & liquor gift

With rare liquor and high quality fruit which hand does not usually go for,
We present "the first experience"

To person to like eating and drinking gift of gourmet and liquor. High-quality liquor and fruit which we cannot readily buy can usually present "the first experience" as well as deluxe taste. In addition, as for the pleasure to give glory to product which was particular about design of bottle and package. It is art of high vanity to add added value that we do not simply taste.

Around 3,000 yen

We are enchanted by vanity case such as inkstone case of lacquer work
<Akasaka Kakiyama> Three Akasaka alignment
(inc. tax) 3,240 yen /1 floor Japanese confectionery

Around 5,000 yen

Precious large quality sake brewed from the finest rice which attracted only drops which dripped from liquor bag naturally
<back pine> 720 ml of great brewing sake from the finest rice drop liquor 18s Italy soldiers of the Imperial Guard
(inc. tax) 5,400 yen / basement cheeks town

More than 10,000 yen

1. Superlative degree Champagne of pomeri in pursuit of ultimate purity
<pomeri> 750 ml of chuve LUIEZ 2004
(inc. tax) 25,380 yen / basement cheeks town
2. First class goods melon to be able to make only 1 ball into from one stem
<Kyobashi Senbikiya> Cantaloupe from Shizuoka
(inc. tax) 17,280 yen / basement cheeks town
3. To pickled plum which is large, and is juicy with fleshy south high plum
<Kyobashi Senbikiya> Blow; blow (with 4L, 12)
(inc. tax) 10,800 yen / basement cheeks town
4."One of eternity" elegant Champagne to have meaning of "it was over time"
<gurankuryumaii> 750 ml of kyuverampontoreru 2011
(inc. tax) 14,904 yen / basement cheeks town