1.<Momotaro jeans>
Period : Wednesday, September 19 → 24th (month, shinkyu)
Much-talked-about brand which pulls domestic denim boom. Feelings that are unbearable for lover including cell bitch which is indigo dyeing of *no which rich expression can enjoy, proof of old weaving machine are full loading. Ladies' item has the handling.
Taking the field [it includes tax] 23,760 yen, jacket [it includes tax] 31,320 yen
/7 floor gentleman clothing miscellaneous goods men gear square

2.<Onomichi denim>
Period : Wednesday, September 12 → 18th Tuesday
Onomichi denim project to send town of Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima and charm of denim to. We offered denim of one point of thing which we could not express by processing that was realized by people who worked in Onomichi wearing, and being crowded.
From denim work pants [it includes tax] 16,200 yen original from Onomichi denim (USED) [it includes tax] 32,184 yen
※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
/7 floor gentleman clothing miscellaneous goods men gear square

Period : Wednesday, September 19 → 24th (month, shinkyu)
We get great support from pants group female office worker <qualite>. Variation of design and size is abundant, and item which is good to each one should be found.
Left) tops [it includes tax] 14,040 yen, pants [it includes tax] 18,360 yen
Central) leatherette jacket [it includes tax] 57,240 yen, tops [it includes tax] 17,280 yen, pants [it includes tax] 20,520 yen
Right) tops [it includes tax] 20,520 yen, pants [it includes tax] 20,580 yen
/4 floor event space

※Others are reference products.
※After POP UP, it unfolds in the fifth-floor qualite shop.

1.<green & korimitetto>
Period : Wednesday, September 5 → 18th Tuesday
With bag which remade silk scarf of a piece of thing varying in expression each, we brush up simple styling. It is buying immediately if we find favorite!
Each [it includes tax] scarf bag 12,960 yen
The first-floor / woman clothing
2.<the niten-ichiryu school total main office>
Craftsman produces by one point with handicraft. Many real leather products including rucksack which had security pocket which file of A4 size entered, and could hold valuables.
Leather rucksack [it includes tax] 39,960 yen, leather boots [it includes tax] 37,800 yen
<Brahma-Deva and Sakra dev-an-am Indra Marchais>
Period : Wednesday, September 12 → 18th Tuesday
Event to be able to meet writer of craft miscellaneous goods
/9 floor event space

<gallery LOTTA> Handmade experience-based meeting
Do you not make original necklace with silk and pearl?
Schedule: It is 5,184 yen ... (each time approximately 60 minutes) [it includes tax] at -, 5:30 p.m. at -, 4:00 p.m. at -, 2:30 p.m. in -, noon at 10:30 a.m. in every day on Monday (holiday) for Sunday, September 16, 17 days
/9 floor event space

3.<chest kava>
Under the theme of "thing feeling attachment in lifestyle," as for the leather accessory in response to thought of user, unmissable in detail.
Coin case [it includes tax] 7,020 yen, envelope type breast wallet [it includes tax] 39,960 yen, money clip type wallet [it includes tax] 22,680 yen
/7 floor gentleman clothing miscellaneous goods

4.<mon model>
Moment only for you! We hold selectable order party from 11 kinds of designs and three kinds of how to paint.
patinukaraoda order society
Men's shoes [it includes tax] from 37800 yen to 41040 yen, men's boots [it includes tax] from 41040 yen to 44280 yen
/7 floor gentleman shoes

Period : Wednesday, September 19 → Tuesday, October 2
In this season up-and-coming babushu with buckle of Archive. In noble brand Nara where design which was prominence was founded in 1851.
Ladies' shoes [it includes tax] 91,800 yen
/3 floor woman shoes


As outdoor brand to be able to make town use into, in Canadian <akuterikusu>, popularity is boiling. Function and design are excellent and they are sold out in select shop and appear one after another.
Each [it includes tax] Gore-Tex jacket (ladies') 38,880 yen
/11 floor ICI Ishii sports

We pay attention to botanikaru print this season! On holiday of able man, we challenge fashion coordination which held down trend♪
Each [it includes tax] floral design shirt 20,520 yen

3.<BEAMS X Champion>
Collaboration of popular select shop and American sportswear brand. Pullover jacket to be able to dress well in all seasons superior in the stretch nature, water repellency, storm characteristics.
Half zip windbreaker [it includes tax] 15,120 yen
/11 floor BEAMS golf

4.Men's fashion
It is U.K.-style of this under the continuation trendy from pre-season. In adopting red more stylishly♪
<gym> Gilet [it includes tax] 10,692 yen (※ Wednesday, September 12 handling start.) <FINAMORE> Shirt [it includes tax] 31,320 yen
<barn Stowe mer> Chino pants [it includes tax] 15,984 yen
<sea word & Sterne> Tie [it includes tax] 20,520 yen (※ Wednesday, September 12 handling start.)
/7 floor gentleman clothing miscellaneous goods

It is more fun in cooperation with smartphone by exclusive application in outdoor! In abundant color variations, it is recommended to accent color.
Each [it includes tax] GBA-800 17,820 yen
/10 floor clock

6.<Sakamoto korekushon>
Lacquer jewelry which is surprisingly light in spite of being hearty design. In elegance and seasonal purple full of warmth the clothing more gorgeously.
It is 2,160 yen, ring [it includes tax] 18,360 yen, earrings [it includes tax] 12,900 yen 12,960 yen, necklace (50cm) pendant head (obi buckle) [it includes tax] [it includes tax]
/10 floor kimono accessories

Colorful coloration Finnish brand <LUMI> of reputation. Mini-wallet where recently is popular is rich in color variations, and one article that is good to oneself is found when we can carry smartly.
Period : Wednesday, September 19 → Tuesday, October 2
Each [it includes tax] mini-wallet 29,160 yen
/1 floor woman clothing

"Checkered: la.f... / ROPE others"
In trendy "plaid of 2018 autumn/winter," we update style.
Reversible skirt [it includes tax] 18,360 yen
/5 floor ladies' wear
Pants [it includes tax] 21,600 yen
/6 floor ladies' wear
Cup camisole [it includes tax] 9,612 yen, shorts [it includes tax] 4,644 yen, pajamas [it includes tax] 17,280 yen
/4 floor woman underwear


[Wednesday, September 5 NEW OPEN]
It is item only by big soapberry light <JURGEN LEHL> of various forms.
It is 34,560 yen 34,560 yen 63,720 yen) necklace [it includes tax] 31,320 yen [it includes tax] [it includes tax] [it includes tax] from the left
/6 floor ladies' wear


Design which surrounded whirlpool to put between earlobe, and to soak. In impression that was different in gangs if we put charms of other selling together.
Top) loop earrings [it includes tax] 15,120 yen, loop charm [it includes tax] 9,720 yen
Left) loop earrings [it includes tax] 11,880 yen, loop charm [it includes tax] 7,560 yen
Bottom) loop charm [it includes tax] 9,720 yen
/3 floor accessories


Trendy KOLOR of 2018 autumn/winter "purple." Adult-like elegant styling is completed if we take in in step.
From the top)
<Mode et Jacomo Meda>
Pumps [it includes tax] 25,920 yen
Pumps [it includes tax] 21,600 yen
Pumps [it includes tax] 18,360 yen
<Himico on rouge>
Pumps [it includes tax] 21,060 yen
/3 floor woman shoes

"russet others"
A feeling of size to be usable in design wearing well, the wide scene is feature. It is ◎. for accent of the clothing that is apt to become chic
It is 37,800 yen 31,320 yen bag (the small) (very much) [it includes tax] [it includes tax]
Bag [it includes tax] 19,440 yen
Bag [it includes tax] 17,280 yen
/3 floor handbag


Marshmallow gauze which we made with the patent manufacturing method is distinguished for both lightness and feel. We have nice heat in moisture absorption, water absorptivity and breathability, cold season and promise comfortable sleep.
Each [it includes tax] marshmallow gauze pajamas (men's ladies') 16,200 yen
/9 floor towel
※Ladies' (pink, yellow, violet), men's (light blue, dark blue)

Seasonal aestheometry harmonizes with traditional print of FEILER. Attributive quality available only now in commemoration of the brand birth 70th anniversary.
Each [it includes tax] wash handkerchief 3,240 yen
/9 floor FEILER

3.<Inazumi Kei Valley>
It is popular so as to be able to stand in line by private exhibition! Delicate touch and color based on technique of Kutani chinaware are works of Inazumi Kei Tani of reputation.
a.It is each [it includes tax] 8,640 yen, c. [it includes tax] 70,200 yen, d. [it includes tax] 16,200 yen, e. [it includes tax] 17,280 yen [it includes tax] 91,800 yen, b
/9 floor Japanese dishes creators table

4.<Nagatani garden X Siroca>
It is taken up on TV, and topic becomes heated! If it is rice of Iga ground burning pan cooked like open fire deliciously, everyday meal should become fun♪
Furnace Electric [it includes tax] 86,184 yen
/9 floor Japanese dishes


The seventh floor of Daimaru Tokyo luggage Tokyo is reopened on Wednesday, September 12. From bag playing an active part in ON & OFF which adopted sports taste to item of adult that sensitive modishness is elegant, anyone is reborn in zone to be able to enjoy.

Each [it includes tax] the is hardware case (32L) including durability in plane 72,360 yen
/7 floor luggage Tokyo
※Price varies according to size.

2.<Katsuyuki echoes>
Rucksack [it includes tax] 70,200 yen
/7 floor luggage Tokyo

3.<maison Takuya>
Right) tote bag (M) [it includes tax] 16,200 yen
Left) tote bag [it includes tax] 286,200 yen
/7 floor luggage Tokyo


Luck with money improves! But, crystal of rutile which we can expect is happy just to see ♪ Golden emission rutilated quartz [it includes tax] 6,264,000 yen
/11 kaifusuiaratameunchushin

2."Stamp, coin"
Coin set which Japanese Government memorialized the Local Government Act enforcement 60th anniversary of 2008, and released commemorative money with design every 47 metropolis and districts sequentially for ten years. It is 500,000 yen thousand-yen silver coin 47 kinds Collection (with specially made case) of the 60th anniversary of the Local Government Act enforcement [it includes tax]
Stamp coin of /10 floor hobby

We hold "cheeks town general election" in Daimaru Tokyo. Sweets and lunches more than 100 kinds run NO.1 and run.
The fate is decided with your one vote.
Vote period is Wednesday, September 5 → Shop where bell rang on Tuesday on 18th carries out sampling thyme!
As for the lunch side dish, ..., cake hold sampling at 3:00 p.m. at -, 5:00 p.m. at 11:30 a.m.

As for the result announcement, shop which got most votes on Saturday, September 22 carries out delicious pledge on Tuesday, September 25!
▶It is this in detail ︎