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2018/3/20 up date

New constant seller of adult that power of shoulder was lost

Unisex presents basic item to be able to love for a long time <sunny and Company>. Linen shirt, relaxation-style of adult including logo T-shirt are fulfilling including denim. Colorful color variations are attention in trendy yellow by reputation this year.

<Sunny&Co./ sunny and Company>
Linen shirt [it includes tax] 20,520 yen / logo T-shirt [it includes tax] 5,400 yen / denim [it includes tax] 20,520 yen / Ghost dance suede bag [it includes tax] 29,160 yen / aurora shoes WEST INDIAN [it includes tax] 28,080 yen / organic cotton socks [it includes tax] 3,456 yen /6 floor Lib Tokyo

Comfortable wind such as the seaside blows
We choose in select zone

Apart from shop, we look around miscellaneous goods and pick up book and. What pleasure of such town walk can thoroughly enjoy in one zone 6F "Lib Tokyo." In space that can be relaxed including individual bag and hat, do you not look for feelings to the full?

<kPoštolka/ keiposhutoruka>
HENRY BEGUELIN/ Henry Beguelin bag REVIVAL M [it includes tax] 116,640 yen /HENRY BEGUELIN/ Henry Beguelin wallet OCEAN [it includes tax] 66,960 yen / <KAMILAVKA/ Camilla shark> hat [it includes tax] 25,920 yen /6 floor Lib Tokyo

Small folded neckpiece of haori and silhouette with a feeling of relaxation. Thin cotton nylon material which let a careful feeling of surface and feeling of tension last was strong, and it put processing not to spoil cloth original breathability for water and dirt.

<GRANDMA MAMA DAUGHTER/ Granma mom daughter>
Coat [it includes tax] 32,400 yen

Popular Chino dress. Not only as it is Chino material of ground thickness, silhouette is pure, but also is hard to pick up line of body and is good to adult girl. Down moderately casual by design which we did softly Chino material.

<GRANDMA MAMA DAUGHTER/ Granma mom daughter>
Chino dress [it includes tax] 25,920 yen

Select shop <sunshine plus cloud> where is popular in Hayama original color variations-rich linen shirt. Vivid KOLOR heaping up tension in the spring and summer pays attention this year.

<sunshine plus cloud>
Linen shirt [it includes tax] 20,520 yen

It is aurora shoes to the people in the know. Of design with charming roundness and preeminence to adjust to own foot so as to wear wear, and buy nomination of the repeater series for feeling; shoes.

<aurora shoes>
WEST INDIAN [it includes tax] 28,080 yen /MIDDLE ENGLISH [it includes tax] 29,160 yen

Italian craftsman deals with all processes until completion alone <Henry Beguelin>. We can fully enjoy charm of leather item changing into one point only for oneself whenever we use.

<HENRY BEGUELIN/ Henry Beguelin>
a.Breast wallet [it includes tax] 73,440 yen /b. wallet [it includes tax] 58,320 yen /c. card case [it includes tax] 41,040 yen /d. bag [it includes tax] 116,640 yen

Hair elastic that large bijoux is excellent at presence. We are stylish just to make summary hair quickly.

a. Hair elastic [it includes tax] 4,104 yen /b. hair elastic [it includes tax] 9,720 yen

Three dishes which vary in size that Czech writer made up. It is recommended to use as interior.

GALAXY DISK SET [it includes tax] 17,280 yen

a.Hat which controls getting covered which is decided even if fogged at any 360-degree angle. It is reason of popularity to be able to fold compactly.

<KAMILAVKA/ Camilla shark>
Hat [it includes tax] 19,440 yen

b.As for the name that cut a part of the basic boater slashingly "kankan cut."

<KAMILAVKA/ Camilla shark>
Hat [it includes tax] 18,360 yen

We turn up book to one hand with coffee which performed takeout from cafe to choose favorite interior Green as. It is charm of <Lib Tokyo> that can enjoy pleasure of such a waiting walk compactly.

All book [it includes tax] 2,592 yen / suwaggu [it includes tax] 3,780 yen /Henry Dean base yellow [it includes tax] 4,860 yen blue [it includes tax] 3,456 yen Lib Tokyo

In cafe featuring spacious space that there is in beach side, tacos that favorite ingredients and sauce, cloth are put together freely are extreme popularity! Including wine organic on holiday sit-down.

<salt water table>
It is 1,280 yen ingredients materials and for each three kinds of sauce (three pieces of cloth) with tacos plate salad French fry [it includes tax]