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Let's give British check

Let's give British check

Christmas of this year has choice called flowers arranged, too!

It is flower arrangement arrangement that it is dry lease speaking of pronoun of Christmas item to be able to display easily, but is popular recently in Daimaru Tokyo. Flavor is good, and fresh presence only by flower arrangement for raise of interior. As we do storable duration for approximately from five days to one week, what we change feeling and decorate is wonderful in the first half and the latter half of December. Rose that after all popularity is the reddest of this year. Professional staff makes arrangement only for you if you can convey image of room.

Flower arrangement arrangement
Box arrangement (the left) tax-included 5,400 yen
Basket arrangement (the right) tax-included 5,400 yen
The second-floor / Flower Shop

We have pajamas made newly to gift to family

Do you know that there is kids' & men series to <KID BLUE> which is particular about the nature subject matter? What have both in department store of metropolitan area only in Daimaru Tokyo. Recommendation is kids' pajama of flannel material to gift this winter. Cloth which we kneaded camellia oil into reduces skin stress of dry season. Men's long sleeves pajamas use very popular triple gauze material in every season. Soft texture tempts into sound sleep. Including ladies' pajamas, we can enjoy family coordination.

10,260 yen that includes kids' pajamas tax
Each men's long sleeves pajamas tax-included 17,280 yen
The fourth-floor / woman underwear

Christmas ornament to be able to display casually

Christmas ornament of <WEDGWOOD> which many people were looking forward to arrived this year every year. <WEDGWOOD> We express representative relief design with porcelain of this. The refined texture and easy color development do slight space such as room or the entrance in specifications casually on Christmas. Ornament which there were message of "My First Christmas" and "2018" names of an era is quite popular as memorial gifts such as marriage or delivery.

Each ornament tax-included 4,860 yen
The ninth-floor / living

Cold protection is done, too and can wear smartly

I wanted this! Gore-Tex boots of <Camper> which had all factors that we wanted to demand from boots for winter equal. Coordination various design having high fashionability unlike outdoor brand just as wanted. Of course it is finished to refined Balance in kireime coordination to gather up casually. In addition, we are reliable on rain and snowy day as it is air permeable while having superior waterproof function let alone thermal insulation function by the original manufacturing method that put Gore-Tex together to material skillfully and is superior!

Gore-Tex boots
WABI (orange) tax-included 20,520 yen
WONDER (black) tax-included 32,400 yen
BEETLE (brown) tax-included 27,000 yen
The third-floor / ladies' shoes

Inner wear which we can never part with if we wear once

With one piece more than the part of two! <Wacoal> From this, warm inner wear controlling form appears to both length of a kimono sleeve and neckline. As it is vertical material which we grow, and there is which had difficulty in realization with underwear, the neck can adjust area and depth to tops in total until 7-9 minutes if it is sleeve. As not only we are superior in heat retention if moisture absorptive and desorptive, but also material is thin and is lightweight, we wear extra clothes and, too. Sewing loves sleeve and is around the skin which comfort is fluent, and is gentle.

4,536 yen that includes sugo batter 360-degree comfortable stretch tax
The fourth-floor / woman underwear

Laundry soap which is strong to be gentle, and to become dirty which attracted attention from word of mouth again

utamaro soap that it is alkalescent, and fluorescent brightener combination is eco-friendly. Now that we open by word of mouth when it is excellent at dirt omission, and white stands out and passed from release more than 50 years, we attract attention again. While when mud dirt which is hard to come off by normal washing and make dirt which neckline of clothes is easy to have, spilt food dirt which is yellowed, and is stubborn of neckband of shirt fall quickly, we receive hot support from housewife, and popularity accelerates more! Furthermore, does dirt which does not fall if there is convenient mini-washboard to remove partial dirts disappear?

172 yen that includes utamaro soap tax
<microskirt washboard>
1,188 yen that includes microskirt washboard tax
The tenth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

Warmth that can be relaxed gently

From North European Finnish <Barker textile>, blanket and cushion cover of new pattern arrived. We are apt to be fascinated by cute print of jacquard texture, but warmth is the best, too. Tender wool includes a lot of air, and feel is good, and warmth continues. When is large size size of approximately 90*130cm, and hang blanket in bed and sofa, and wrap from the same shoulder completely; convenience is ◎., too Winter house time ohokkorisasetekuremasu in the future.

<Barker textile>
Each blanket (M) tax-included 10,584 yen
Cushion cover (M) tax-included 6,264 yen
The ninth-floor / living <deux C>

Mumin goods which we want now which became adult

<LeSportsac> From this, Mumin collaboration comes up. Speaking of Mumin, picture book of Finnish writer Tove Jansson does by opening, but characters loved in the world more than generation may be such rare. Characters living in Moomin Valley are pretty; was collected. A certain humor expression and that unique view of the world become fun just to look. We performed abundantly lineup of bag pouch which was good to daily use.

6,696 yen that includes pouch tax
14,580 yen that includes bag tax
The third-floor / handbag

Warmth and simplicity that we cannot part with

Shoulder pad of down which is convenient when we feel that it is slightly chilly in house. It is at all treasure in the everyday housework scene including getting out garbage morning in being able to put quickly, and arm being free and washing. Furthermore, he/she protects neck from cold as it is convertible collar. <Nishikawa PREMIUM> Series that well-established Tokyo Nishikawa of futon selected carefully only in good-quality material as for this from world production center. White goose down having high rarity from Poland is used for this shoulder pad, and warmth and lightness are quality as they growl.

<Nishikawa PREMIUM>
10,800 yen that includes down shoulder pad tax
The ninth-floor / living

Limited bag which is special in special season

Though it is refined, it is light and is easy to use! From <russet> in this with many fans, it is appearance of very popular Christmas-limited series every year! Shoulder bag of this year chubby circle form. As fastener opens until edge in the opening, it is easy to deposit and withdraw and is very convenient. Furthermore, there are two open pockets and one fastener pocket inward and as it is light and is functional, it is on travel and makes an outstanding performance. Attached mini-pouch is good to make smartphone and mini-wallet storing, and it is most suitable for night outing in destination if we touch body seat belt.

24,840 yen that includes bag tax
The third-floor / handbag

New item Le Creuset which snuggled up to usability of Japanese people

From Japan! New item of Le Creuset to feel to be light with compact arrived. Because develop new series to lifestyle of Japanese people, rice 3 go is cooked deliciously plumply though is compact design, is ◎. to food cooked by boiling or stewing and fried food It is feature that wound is hard to be outstanding as for the inside black mat enamel processing, and oil familiarity is good. Price that it is easy to be able to reach is big charm.

<Le Creuset>
Cocotte evurii 18 tax-included 21,600 yen
2,160 yen that includes innariddo tax
The ninth-floor / living

We are carrying out innariddopurezentokyampen only in customer of purchase by Monday, December 31

We make an outstanding performance in the scene except New Year holidays!

How about that we reach modern New Year holidays in modern nest of boxes of <deux C> with camellia as motif? For a feeling of exquisite size that is good to 2-3 people, it is in combination wonderful with container except Japanese dishes. Let alone traditional New Year dishes, we shine even if we cut down semi-Western style hors d'oeuvre. In addition, even if New Year holidays pass, we use as platter at dining table and we keep with cover alive and can just enter refrigerator as preservation container and we use and wide nest of boxes is convenient and cannot part with road.

<deux C>
7,020 yen that includes heavy tax
Container (the small) tax-included 1,512 yen
shofukakuzeikomi 1,188 yen
Each chopstick rest tax-included 702 yen
The ninth-floor / living

Bean plate which causes fortune

Serve side dish a little, and ride spice, and pour soy sauce; and - -. In bean plate during boom continuation, mascot series is appearance when he/she colors dining table by unique design of palm size. Beckoning cat and Dharma enjoy print; sea bream, four kinds of Mount Fuji. Prettiness that omen print that different meaning was put each does not think, and wants to do complete. Would you like to add bean plate carrying happiness to dining table in timing when new one year begins to friend?

<the Ade rear>
Each mono bean plate tax-included 864 yen which we enjoyed
The ninth-floor / living

Beckoning cat which was sold explosively last year

We are pretty, and there seems to be benefit ♪ In this, it is <Hakuichi> beckoning cat of great great great popularity last year. It is finished with at cute size of approximately 55mm and 75mm and this lucky gold leaf. When the left hand invited person, luck with money was said to beckoning cat which raised the right hand, and child whom we gave the right hand which invited luck with money to was predominantly popular last year. For New Year holidays of the Heisei last, do you choose child putting up hand of which? As both size and price are reasonable, it is good to gift of New Year's greetings.

Good luck beckoning cat (the right hand) (the left hand)
(the small) each tax-included 2,160 yen
(the inside) each tax-included 3,240 yen
The ninth-floor / living

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