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Hina doll for adult

Hina doll for adult

Tempura kitchenware that both feeling and taste rise

Wild plants which tell coming of spring earlier. It is the powerful charm of this time to have with tempura utilized material. Therefore professional introduces tempura hotpot fried deliciously to use habitually, too. We let you feel intuitionally when form which we add mallet eyes to fleshy copper with hammer and proposed is thing throughout the life. Because copper has good heat conduction, and temperature of oil is hard to fall, tempura is fried deliciously nicely. They display wild plants in wickerwork platter with shallower both hands neatly together, and both feeling and tempura taste should surely go up if there are authentic tempura small tools.

Nihonbashi KIYA
22,680 yen that includes tempura hotpot tax
The ninth-floor / Nihonbashi KIYA
<Harumi Kurihara>
Way of using hands wickerwork platter (the small) tax-included 3,132 yen
The ninth-floor / Harumi Kurihara

We promise outstanding performance in hay fever season

Of hay fever season, hard nose I run out of being impatient with pocket tissue! We put tissue box in the bag and want to carry. <MOGU> Tissue case solves the trouble of this. Though the comfortable subject matter of Powder beads is mild and is compact, more than 100 tissues enter and can carry smartly. Furthermore, is easy to carry if the contents decrease as become small; in indication of quantity. It is usable everywhere in in what have hanging string usefully.

1,944 yen that includes tissue case tax
The tenth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

miina perhonen X tradition furoshiki

We were established in 1995 by designer Akira Minakawa <miina perhonen>. Textile such as texture and print, embroidery is designed by original. Recently we are used for interior miscellaneous goods and fashion item and gain popularity from many stylish women. <miina perhonen> performed shop and collaboration specialized in furoshiki. To Japanese traditional furoshiki that popular textile such as butterflies is convenient! With as it is made of polyester of water-repellent coating, great deed-like how to use leisure sheet or tablecloth thinking, too. Please look for how to use furoshiki only for oneself for free idea.

4,320 yen that includes miina perhonen aqua drop furoshiki tax
The eleventh-floor / kimono accessories

A certain play gokoro FRANCK MULLER

Do you not attach gorgeous sense of fun with "Haat toe Haat" Collection at hand this spring <FRANCK MULLER>? In expression warm softly that new form which gave "tonoukabekkusu" which is Aiko Nic case swelling a little is unprecedented. In addition, somewhere of clockface of gyoshie design carved with radially, Haat is designed according to the name and feels happy whenever we see time.

(From Left) 556,000 yen including Haat toe Haat tax, tax-included 480,600 yen, tax-included 658,800 yen
The tenth-floor / FRANCK MULLER

Smart new beauty custom to be enacted every day

How is new beauty custom begun casually that only upgrades shower of home? The orthodox school that this shower head is used at hotels including hair salon. It washes away clearly to the depths of pore and wrinkle by producing super minute micronanobubble in moisture in patent technology and leads to regular skin and lustrous hair. In addition, even quantity of little water can let you water spray well in original technique and can expect saving water effect, too. Do you not take in shower head of killing two birds with one stone right now?

<Takashi Tanaka metal mill>
14,904 yen that includes borinaninfashiruba tax
The tenth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

Reason of the repeater series

"It is easy to wear and is easy to walk!" Groan so, can realize reason of the repeater series just to have tried on. Sole has cushion characteristics, and not only 5 centimeters of heels are comfortable to walk in, but also they grant beautiful leg effect. Feeling called fellow who 3E designs are easy to walk putting on and taking off by fastener which we garnished side with relaxedly simply, and is reliable. For spring outing, how about such ability group fashion sneakers?

17,280 yen that includes heel up sneakers tax
The third-floor / woman shoes

Plum blossoms which tell spring earlier on dining table

How you would like your plum blossoms telling spring on dining table earlier. 5 sun of small plates of Arita ware making are good to seat of celebration for refined impression that silver Aya adds activeness to. Plum form small dish is very lucky with red and white, too; put together. Pine, bamboo, and plum which have been loved as "age cold the three friends of koto, poem and wine" in China from ancient times. All three of them have been originally loved as symbol of lucky sign concerning the same class in Japan. Dish of such a lucky plum by all means.

<Arita ware making>
2,592 yen that includes silver Aya SYONZUI torsion plum 5 sun small plate tax
1,188 yen that includes 810 yen including plum form small dish red mat tax, pearl Aya tax
The ninth-floor / Japanese dishes

Fortune appeared in the natural phenomena rises with seasonal power stone of new departure

Does each thought not make tta seal including at turning point? It is seal using power stone a lot of water buffalo corner, * is employed speaking of seal, but to be attention recently. White phantom quartz that gold rutilated quartz shining in gold and annual ring design to hark back to vision of mountain are beautiful, rapizurazuri which is one of Shippo of Buddhism. With much-talked-about power stone by all means fortune appeared in the natural phenomena up.

(From Left) 980,000 yen that includes Golden rutilated quartz tax
480,000 yen that includes white phantom quartz tax
158,000 yen that includes rapizurazuri tax
The eleventh-floor / fusuiaratameunchushin

New approach of whitening care

Since birth, it is popular for 20 years! <POLA> It is whitening of thisCare series is renewal of this spring fourth. Medical whitening that won the best cosmetics of many magazinesLiquid cosmetics evolve and are born as "new white shot". Two kinds of liquid cosmetics for all faces aiming at skin full of translucency and liquid cosmetics for part for release. Before reaching public performance in season in the spring and summer; is right good news.

We suppress generation of melanin and prevent stain, freckles.

12,900 yen that includes white shot SXS tax
16,200 yen that includes white shot CXS tax
(unregulated drug)
・Liquid cosmetics 2/1 release
The second-floor / POLA

Coat which looks good just to put quickly

It is denim coat of <Plantation> which was sensation last year that is certainly useful if there is one piece over spring. We use original denim which is 100-percent-cotton <Plantation> which we wove in Okayama. To silhouette which is beautiful just to put quickly because it is natural, and a feeling of craft is plentiful. Of course, as for dressing well casually as it is light impression, wearing beautiful daringly is good. It is sure that we can make an outstanding performance, thing this spring!

<Plantation> Denim coat
42,120 yen that includes R size tax
(generation, dark indigo, light indigo)
The sixth-floor / Plantation

From yellow accessory that spring taking in advance brings good luck.

We gathered yellow petty people like spring from <beautiful womanness by SAZABY>. Yellow gives hope and joy like the bright sun and is said to be color to bring about pleasant feelings. We seem to have meaning called change and innovation for celebrity as color to be connected by divination for selecting an ideal place to luck with money up. Person with yellow is actually impression positive well. Because it is shop with "we carry the life of Carrying Your Life/ you" as concept, sign of spring petty person patronizing you should be surely found.

<beautiful womanness by SAZABY>
32,400 yen that includes background tax
4,968 yen that includes pouch tax
22,680 yen that includes breast wallet tax
5,184 yen that includes bag in bag tax
The third-floor / beautiful womanness by SAZABY

In present in reward to you

Because it is spring to reach graduation and entrance to school, entering a company, big knot including promotion, we should be surely pleased with only one original lip in the world. <Esstee loader> Of this lip of purchase free of charge name case of the name and initial is possible on the spot. Furthermore, motif carved seal of plum is done for a limited time much in February, too. It is the latest foundation of double wear series of popularity that want you to check on visit with it by all means. Such as the bare skin which is fresh and young in light texture when is finished, is reputation.

<Esstee loader>
3,888 yen ... which includes lip tax
※Excellent case is free
6,480 yen that includes double wear nude water fresh makeup tax
The second-floor / Esstee loader

Even usually usable compact disaster prevention goods

Though it was palm size to possess, and to be always usable in the case of emergency, we collected very able disaster prevention goods. LED lantern is available as flashlight. As it is colorful with compact, it looks good even if we put in room as interior product. Though it is so small, power of absorption of wonder is paying attention to N-RIT towel as fast-dry towel. In addition, light and whistle, adhesive plaster, minimum item including multi-tool are stored in waterproof survival BOX tightly. Both can make an outstanding performance at the time of outdoor activity.

<black diamond>
3,888 yen that includes obitto tax
<high mountain>
972 yen that includes N, rit tax
1,836 yen that includes waterproof survival BOX tax
The eleventh-floor / Ishii sports

Up-and-coming panda Collection!

Pickles (beautifulness beautifulness) of panda born in June grow up quickly and healthily, and prettiness is doubling, too. May there be many people who remembered Kankan and Ranran who came to Japan only after watching such news? Slightly bumbling do kitozunguritoshita baby figure is always cute, and there is no way. That pickles are finally opened to the public in December. We collected cute panda goods in Daimaru Tokyo.

Pouch (this side) tax-included 3,780 yen, (the depths) tax-included 3,888 yen
The third-floor / resuposakkusu
68,040 yen that includes parent and child tax of panda
The third-floor / Swarovski
6,372 yen that includes warm woolen yarn pants tax
The the fourth-floor / underwear section

Evolution of masking tape!

We are pretty and are fun ♪ It is masking tape to get absorbed like collecting seals of school days. Above all, we introduce much-talked-about epoch-making product. Coordinates are freedom in what we can put for seal sense pitapat as we can tear off, and by one piece is usable and tear off neatly and put together, too. Because it is the beginning of the year that wants to make a plan in various ways, it is pleasant to add stylish accent to notebook and calendar. We make an outstanding performance for memo and the decorations of card.

432 yen that includes masking roll sticker tax
The eighth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

The photograph is for illustrative purposes only. Ask sales floor person in charge about print about the stock situation to change every season.

Swish and actual feeling

My bag which is said to be 80% of diffusion rate though there are various opinions. Troublesomeness when it comes back from shopping we actually use, and to think and folds. What dissolve such dissatisfaction pulls with "swish" and is "pat" eco bag <shupatto> to be able to fold. We pull with swish having both ends. It is storing completion if we wind up round and round afterward. There is 3 size, and variation in color is abundant, too. As large size is size to just enter cash register basket, it is very convenient.

Each tax-included S: 1,058 yen, M: 2,138 yen, L: 2,678 yen
The ninth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

We color dining table shiningly

How about chopstick rest which is good to gorgeous dining table of Christmas and New Year holidays? From <ability product> which was famous for traditional casting, industrial arts chopstick rest of beautiful tin arrived. Tin has high antifungal properties, and is more popular than ancient times, material which is right good to chopstick rest. In addition, we made use of the softness and bent tail of sea bream and finished novel motif in beauty and work full of pleasure with craftsmanship of excellence when we let sumo wrestler stand. Do you not adopt small art on happy dining table in the future?

<ability product>
Sumo wrestler (with two) tax-included 3,996 yen
Chopstick rest (with two) of sea bream tax-included 3,024 yen
Gold leaf (with five) of month tax-included 8,208 yen
5,400 yen tax-included in month (with five)
The ninth-floor / Japanese dishes

seruvoku which made a clean sweep of the best cosmetics of magazine

In this autumn/winter, we made a clean sweep of the best cosmetics of magazine <seruvoku>. Translucency and a feeling of luster are excellent and collect great support from model and hair make, stylist while being particular about ingredient derived from nature. Lip 09 of popularity is unique Nuance color development that luster and Balance of mat have good, and customers flood in day after day in Daimaru Tokyo since the opening time of November. Eye shadow of reputation offers each color when familiar to melt into new color 10-22 and eyelids of lip released in last autumn and looks forward to.

1.3,456 yen that includes digunifaidorippusu tax
2.3,456 yen that includes in fini Tolly KOLOR tax
3.2,160 yen that includes vorantariaizu tax
The second-floor / cosmetics

Ideal of towel wants to last highly

<UCHINO> Do you know that super marshmallow towel is called "miraculous towel" of this in the public? That imagination is lightweight so as not to arrive, and the airy softness such as marshmallow is habit-forming from the volume. Furthermore, it is topic if drying is quick in washing in surprising water absorptivity. It having two patents technology to have been able to realize ideal ability. It is the New Year when we want to have towel made newly, value ant to pick up once, and to check.

Super marshmallow
Bath towel (approximately 70*140cm) tax-included 6,480 yen
Small bath towel (approximately 50*100cm) tax-included 3,780 yen
Face towel (approximately 34*85cm) tax-included 2,160 yen
The the ninth-floor / towel section

That cute is natural and repels insects

It is about insect repellent that it becomes topic when it is season of change of dress. There seems to be much one to change to more reliable natural thing. Aroma block that it was possible for kusunokide to be recommended there. It has been got close as insect repellent and pain-killer from old days, and coming of entrusting features flavor of natural forest. Place that revives when we sharpen superior point with sandpaper if flavor becomes light and touch water. When it is healed by flavor having a gentle pretty Mumin?

<Mumin kusunoki aroma block>
Mumin & little Mii
Daddy Mumin & Mumin mom
Snufkin & sunifu
(one set of two bodies) various tax-included 1,728 yen
The tenth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

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