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Even if six hours pass, ice does not melt! Titanium tumbler

Even if six hours pass, ice does not melt! Titanium tumbler

Heat stroke takes measures with X and straw or house coat quickly

This summer when we seem to update record of intense heat many times. As for the worry to suffer from heat stroke all too soon even if we relax in room…. It is house coat of <UCHNO/ Uchino> to be recommended in such humid summer in Japan. The feel that is soft in one which Crape gauze of patent acquisition finished is light, and is distinguished for breathability, and is dry. Furthermore, cotton material and feel of a material of triple gauze made with the special manufacturing method that selected carefully are comfort to exceed far imagination.

<UCHNO/ Uchino>
12,960 yen that includes Crape gauze dress tax
8,424 yen that includes Crape gauze pullover shirt tax
10,260 yen that includes Crape gauze gaucho pants tax
The ninth-floor / living

Ceramic ware accessories of cool impression

<seven kilns company Suzuki tile shop> Long-established store of Mino ware tile that this was founded in Mino in 1949. A which traditional Mino ware tile who lasted 70 years was pretty, and was natural was habit-forming and appeared. Point that we are glad of what is not tired as it is lighter than appearance even if we attach for a long time. It is special dish which gets a lot of looks in all one point thing as person grain person grain, craftsman bake with handicraft even if small. As a lot of lovely designs gather, please come to find favorite by all means.

<seven kilns company Suzuki tile shop>
1,944 yen that includes earrings pierced earrings tax
The ninth-floor / People's Republic of China

Subbag of serious trip

From popular shoes brand <Camper> of Spain Majorca, rucksack which was good to subbag of trip arrived. Is foldable super compactly, 180 grams only as for the weight. Put away to bag to be compact, and putting in and out of baggage is smooth by fastener of center at the time of use, too. Pocket is enriched and keeps chic color only by import brand.

8,640 yen that includes rucksack tax
The third-floor / woman shoes

Hazuki loupe which we want to try at store

Much-talked-about in TV CM <Hazuki loupe>. May there be much one worried about how convenient it is? We are hung from glasses and contact lenses, and small thing is greatly seen and is good to small work such as nail or handicrafts. Other than model using in CM, lenses are lineups with three kinds of big type and type that is smaller lenses. As lenses KOLOR and frame KOLOR are various, too, by all means to store.

<Hazuki loupe>
10,980 yen that includes glasses tax
The tenth-floor / glasses

Pet-related corner appearance long-awaited in Daimaru Tokyo

It is unexpectedly great to look for favorite including good stylish pet goods of sense and high-quality care supplies. It is good news for all of you whom such a pet likes! We were fully prepared for Daimaru Tokyo, and pet-related corner came up. Stylish paper bag that goods and pets such as bodice play or oral care can be idle as for the recommendation now. Including toy for pet, we have to slightly deluxe foods.

<pet COEUR>
Body care spray (300 ml) tax-included 3,240 yen
Silk & collagen spray (120 ml) tax-included 2,468 yen
<baud Dan>
Dental care (240 ml) tax-included 3,240 yen
<storage bag DOG IN THE BAG where dog can be idle, too>
Tax-included 756 yen
<storage bag CAT IN THE BAG where cat can be idle, too>
Tax-included 756 yen
The tenth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

Chilly cardigan that beautiful silhouette comes true

I want summer cardigan which we liked for cold and UV measures of air conditioner more. Contact feeling of cold cardigan of <AIRPAPEL> is recommended to such a person. It is wrinkle-resistant and, on washable contact feeling of cold cloth, has beautiful silhouette realized at length that the hips are covered. As we can put without feeling weight gently, we make an outstanding performance for air conditioner measures. Mustard yellow is color like this year when it is easy to be that is skin.

11,880 yen that includes contact feeling of cold cardigan tax
18,360 yen that includes pants tax
16,200 yen that includes blouse tax
7,020 yen that includes necklace tax
The sixth-floor / ladies' wear

It is feeling of cold cosmetic scalp clearly

We want to take care of summer bath rise and sweating scalp in the daytime coolly! Popular feeling of cold cosmetics which grant such a request so good. As for the spray doing scalp for a feeling of below-zero COEUR refreshingly at a stretch, reason not to be able to part with if we use once understands clearly. Refreshing feel can spend hot and humid summer from person whom we employed wealthily. Clean flavor is popular, too.

1,620 yen that includes Wonder honey frozen head jet tax
The second-floor / cosmetics
Mint leap COEUR scalp spray (100 ml) tax-included 1,620 yen
The ninth-floor / living

For seasonally limited product, it is finished as soon as we disappear.

Delicacy of rin and Kyoto Japanese fan which we did

Traditional Kyoto Japanese fan which craftsmen put great deal of effort to LIFE reader who can see through essence and made is recommendation. Fantastic print that parent coat Kyoka finished dyeing by hand textile printing. Topic product that craftsman raised xylograph based on design of "inkwet fresh print" that Yumeji Takehisa was discovered in storehouse of gei*do in 1998. 60 fingers of a fan are piled up beautifully, and 60 ken are the finest special dishes which bend, and can feel feeling. And gorgeous color of flowers of harmony that dainari*ho drew among face of fan illustrator is popular among kobihanahibiki.

10,800 yen that includes black tax
12,960 yen that includes Yumeji Takehisa tax
60 ken of tax-included 15,120 yen
15,120 yen that includes cherry tree tax
The tenth-floor / miscellaneous goods in Japanese dress

Summer inner beauty

As element constituting beauty is easy to be affected by lifestyle and stress such as sleep or exercise, it is important to live a regular life. When summer heat and life irregular busily continue, we would like to take in beauty drink. Beauty drink which beauty ingredient can consume easily is must-have item of woman! You think that you were deceived, and please continue drinking for approximately ten days. We should realize i uo a little so far.

(From Left)
ekusutorakutorozudorinku BR (50 ml) *3 tax-included 1,620 yen
innarisajiensurikiddo (30 ml) *5 +1 tax-included 14,040 yen
*10 SOFINA iP chlorogenic acid drink (100 ml) tax-included 4,104 yen
*10 deep CHARGE collagen drink (50 ml) tax-included 2,468 yen
Collagen 5000 5-beauty EX (50 ml) *10 tax-included 3,024 yen
The second-floor / cosmetics

Iron unnecessary ♪ Feminine shirring shirt

Shirring shirt of annual bestseller that care that is cool by fashion is easy. As for the nice merit that shadow like woman that shirring processing is soft and refined feel of a material are features and need iron. Design is abundant, too, and sleeve, one piece of preference including covered button are found for stand-up collar and eight minutes of frill. So that check hastens in popular one sold out depending on design!

<Mademoiselle NONNON>
18,360-19,440 yen that includes shirring shirt tax
The sixth-floor / ladies' wear

Container of eminent scholar Yoshiro Kobayashi embodying by the main stream of Edo cut glass

Edo cut glass born in last years of Edo era reaches large turning point in 1881. hoputoman of cut glass engineer is invited by the U.K., and several Japanese study in him. By modern technique, charm founds flower at a stretch. It is Toshiro Kobayashi of the third generation to have hoputoman in direct descendant of the skill <Edo cut glass Kobayashi>. In succession to tradition, work of Toshiro who is praised highly when full of polish more wins many prizes by Japanese folkcraft exhibition. Was made on crystal glass; is minute, and hold breath on cut of hypercorrectness unintentionally. It is special dish becoming family treasure for a long time.

<Yoshiro Kobayashi> Edo cut glass
270,000 yen that includes Pastel Nakahachi tax
The ninth-floor / living

Good point and refreshment of flavor of store specializing in “ herb aromatherapy

When it is summer, quite popular product of <tree of life> with many nomination buying and bulk buyings, handkerchief sheet. Popular reason is good point of natural, easy flavor only in store specializing in aroma and convenience of thick seat. OFF fresh with fragrance sheet that peppermint lemon of natural essential oil soaked into for stickiness smell of sweat. It is large, and seat with thickness is size to be able to wipe with one piece from head to foot. Repeat is sure to get carrying around with convenient size and quantity this summer.

<tree of life>
Mint & lemon fragrance sheet (with ten pieces) tax-included 378 yen
The ninth-floor / living

It is lighter than smartphone! Super lightweight umbrella

If there is super lightweight umbrella of <JILL STUART> for para and shower measures to be caught in in outing, is unpleasant; do not think, and finish. General folding umbrella compares than 300-400 g and is light so as to seem to forget what we put in approximately 105 g and the bag! All feminine flower-shaped money that seems to be JILL STUART with six colors is points. When we check lightness at store?

8,100 yen that includes super lightweight umbrella tax
The first-floor / woman clothing

Summer new item of FEILER raising resort feeling

Latest "kokiyaju" of <FEILER> raising resort feeling. Design with full of adult resort feelings of shell motif. That we expressed various scenes developed by the sea for novel image. Handkerchief and towel, summer resort items including pouch assembled in full force. Because it is seasonally limited, to hasten♪

12,960 yen that includes sports towel tax
7,560 yen that includes flat pouch tax
7,020 yen that includes mini-pouch tax
2,376 yen that includes handkerchief tax
The ninth-floor / living

During popular boiling, it is Tsugaru biidoro

Folkcraft <Tsugaru biidoro> of Aomori where attention gathers again when familiar with the present living though it is slightly nostalgic and misses. Hue warm and simple design which float for fishery is the origin, and were handcrafted one by one by craftsman are features. When Aya playing with a ball hitting with the hand series studded with changes of the four seasons vividly is attractive just to put in room, it is reputation.

<Tsugaru biidoro>
2,700 yen that includes Aya playing at bouncing a handball tax
The ninth-floor / Japanese dishes

Popular revival, sunglasses of celebrity-like blind love

Popularity recurs <Ray-Ban>. Symbolic eye wear brand which comes from "(Ban) interrupting rays" (Rey), and goes through the faith from birth of 1937. Support that popular model "way Farrar" comes up on screen such as "Breakfast At Tiffany's" or "graduation white paper", and is still great from world celebrity. "Club master" loved as elegant symbol patronizes individuality of adult in styling and rich barie to be able to call the classic essence. When we select as these spring and summer with cool sunglasses stylishly.

<Ray-Ban> Sunglasses
29,160 yen that includes top) glove master tax
Inside) tax-included 24,840 yen
22,680 yen that includes bottom) way Farrar tax
The eighth-floor / specifications

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