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Autumn new item bag that it is digested, and feeling is given

Autumn new item bag that it is digested, and feeling is given

Other chopsticks are not usable anymore

I want chopsticks which it is easy to use breeding in attachment. It is this bamboo chopstick to want to recommend to such one. Bamboo of material was used for roof and ceiling in old folk house of roof of thatch, and is crystal of nature which shiny reddish yellow hangs time more than 100 years, and was smoked with smoke of hearth. It is light and is easy to have, and delicate chopsticks ahead is put "we were broken without egg of oden being slippery" usability that "fish was eaten neatly" and voice of joy to a lot.

<100 years smoke-stained bamboo chopsticks>
Chopsticks (27.5cm) tax-included 19,440 yen
Couple chopsticks (21cm & 23cm) tax-included 37,800 yen
Meal chopsticks (22cm) tax-included 14,040 yen, (24cm) tax-included 14,140 yen
※Wednesday, September 12 → It is limited sale during period on Monday (holiday) for 24 days.
The ninth-floor / living

Accessories errand that adult generation should practice

Overswinging akuse which what we want to imitate by technique of fashion of adult generation puts together in simple fashion. <Sakamoto Collection> Accessories that the skill of artisan who gave Waki Aizu lacquer ware shines as for this. Though it is boryumi, it is charm that it is light and arrive, and feeling is very easy. As for the effect that bright color is easy to adjust to the bare skin kindly, and misses glance from fault including stain wrinkle. From formal to casual, it is reputation when we harmonize with various styles.

<Sakamoto Collection>
Necklace (green) tax-included 15,120 yen, (purple) tax-included 14,040 yen
Earrings (black) tax-included 27,000 yen, (silver) tax-included 19,440 yen
24,840 yen (silver) tax-included ring (16 size), (gold) tax-included 20,520 yen
The tenth-floor / kimono accessories

Trip brilliancy set up which controls mix-and-match

Set up which shines, and performs trip using corduroy. As for the effect to show line of the body neatly while gathers that fully entered WEST of pants cover stomach rotation. Tops are silhouettes relaxedly, and layering such as turtles is recommended, too. It controls mix-and-match and is easy to temperature-regulate and is most suitable for destination that is hard to read temperature. It is the nice first place to be usually usable from errand to outing.

<sunny and Company>
28,080 yen that includes tops tax
34,560 yen that includes pants tax
29,160 yen that includes shoes tax
The sixth-floor /Lib Tokyo

A lot of models use habitually, too! It is magic of volume up softly

Is continuing popularity between 20.30 generations; smooth upward; hair. When the volume returns instantly in the daytime when hair has been sticky, Powder this being topic among models. We only let you be familiar with the root and scalp of hair which the volume wants with charge account finger tap-tap directly and can let you stand up softly from the root. It is now up-and-coming item which is gradually spreading out to adults that hair shows a lot of parts as petan.

2,700 yen that includes mineral styling Powder tax
The ninth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

Even after returning while traveling; easily♪

Toiletries, cosmetics item that just just baggage is apt to increase in trip. In the washroom on travel where space is limited to as for the amenity pouch which not only can receive neatly, but also hook can just hang instantly every day in specifications. Pouch to be able to just wash washable pouch as washing net according to the name. After if put thing which wore, coming home, to washing machine in direct. When not in use, we can receive with sputum compactly in occasion.

<hands+ hands plus>
2,808 yen that includes amenity pouch tax
1,728 yen that includes washable pouch M tax
The eighth-floor / TOKYU HANDS

With shirt long as for the check of trendy print

This year checkered good year! It is long shirt to be easy to take in even adult woman while it is bumper crop from clothes to accessory. Of course it plays an active part in one piece as haori thing in conjunction with denim pants as dress to wear. As slit of side enters to deepen, foot maneuver is relief, too. In plaid, you take in autumn quickly, and do you not see?

25,920 yen that includes checkered long shirt tax
14,040 yen that includes knit tax
18,360 yen that includes pants tax
23,760 yen that includes bag tax
8,532 yen that includes necklace tax
The sixth-floor / ladies' wear

A feeling of mode and comfort to shine in green

It is quite popular with woman golfers who are active with functionality to support pleasure and performance of fashion <Jun & ROPE>. The high season of golf ago, lovely mature wears gathered in Daimaru Tokyo. In addition to pop design with sense of fun, change and length Balance, feel of texture to make position of the bust hips look high are excellent. After all comfortable comfort that can concentrate on play is golf wear brand naradehadesu.

<Jun & ROPE>
17,280 yen that includes shirt tax
19,440 yen that includes knit tax
23,760 yen that includes parka tax
19,440 yen that includes skirt tax
30,240 yen that includes shoes tax
The eleventh-floor / golf wear

30th herb tea of body thought

<tree of life> From this, herb tea series of body thought comes up. Special recipe to be useful for health care that not only Western herb but also Oriental herb blended is attractive. In sampling society ahead of release, ginseng great physical strength blend is very popular. We combine pigeon wheat and bracket fungus of the genus Fomes, 20 kinds of herb including ginseng and can chug with nice smell and flavor of powerful Orient herb. From heart to comfortable custom, share is bundled on 30th.

<tree of life>
My 30th tea series
1,944 yen that includes 30 tea bags tax
4,536 yen that includes 90 tea bags tax
Ginseng great physical strength blend
2,160 yen that includes 30 tea bags tax
4,860 yen that includes 60 tea bags tax
Tree of the ninth-floor / life

It is completed by 3 steps ♪ Homemade fermentation foods

Much-talked-about "bacteria fermentation foods which live", attract kara saidochumoku. So that even book of one does not fit if we write how good amino acid and peptide provided by fermentation are for the health. Fermentation foods manufacturer which can make such a fermentation foods with 3 steps is sold. Operation puts materials and we set temperature, time and push start button! We can cook amazake or yoghurt easily at home just to wait afterward.

<idea label>
5,400 yen that includes fermentation foods maker tax
The ninth-floor / living

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