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To one book which is special in important sealed letter issued by a shogun

To one book which is special in important sealed letter issued by a shogun

Hina doll for adult

March 3 is the Girl's Festival, the Doll's Festival! We want to enjoy the feeling even if we become adult. Hina Dole plate of <WEDGWOOD> which we can decorate in space having a small one which was very popular with such people last year. Impression that relief created to jasper basis material representing brand is pretty, and is noble forever. We can display 18.5cm in diameter plate as ornament with with exclusive stands over wall and can color living or the entrance gorgeously anywhere. Please check little samurai plate celebrating the Boy's Festival in the same material together.

16,200 yen that includes hina Dole plate tax
19,440 yen that includes little samurai plate tax
The ninth-floor/WEDGWOOD

Required item of comfortable mask life

Is it that? Does it by any chance smell of me, mouth? Is there that we are surprised when we attach mask? Aroma oil of <enhabu> where it makes swish and efflation on mask to want such a person to spend. Peppermint and refreshing flavor of eucalyptus pass through nose, and freshness is unbearable! Furthermore, we can do mask environment as well as flavor comfortably throughout the year as it increases tea toe Lee which is indispensable to seasonal prophylaxis to dry. How to use is easy and blows with swish outside of mask.

2,160 yen (10 ml) tax-included spray-type blend oil "MASK AROMA"
The ninth-floor/living

High vanity tote which adult wants to have

Tote of <LAZY SUSAN> that high vanity comes true even if adult has with exquisite Nuance KOLOR. 3WAY specifications that it is with strap and is usable as shoulder bag, and size is changed into by fastener of side. It is nice size feeling that it is easy to classify A4 size into quickly. As there is gusset of base well, storing power is outstanding and plays an active part in various scenes from commuting to outing on holiday.

9,720 yen that includes tote bag 3WAY zipper tax
The ninth-floor/living

Down is with underwear and is OK in one piece of this in 3 seasons

Trench coat of American classical music-based <TOMMY HILFIGER>. As there is quilting blouson of no-collar and can wear in simple substance each, good point of convenience not to be able to part with in 3 seasons is big charm. Embroidery is given, and the cuffs are ribs, and we are particular about one piece in detail to look good even if we wear, and, as for the quilting blouson, familiar logo is made on the chest.

42,120 yen that includes trench coat tax with light down
14,040 yen that includes knit tax
22,680 yen that includes skirt tax
Shoes reference product
The sixth-floor/ladies' wear

It is remix in own preference

Remix Collection of <Swarovski> which can create jewelry only for oneself. There is bracelet which magneT-style closure had built-in 30 kinds or more, and it is to necklace of favorite length in higher than three to double bracelet and choker if we connect two. Furthermore, initial and Bath Stone keep in charm sold separately abundantly, and combination is infinite. As they change length by magneT-style closure and can customize, people who share in mother daughters each other, and use increase.

Remix Collection
Each bracelet tax-included 14,850 yen
Each charm tax-included 5,400 yen ...
The third-floor/accessories

Premium shoes which support ideal walk

It is colorful, and shoes that function to protect knee joint was enriched come up around though it is pretty design. Fin of screw structure of calcaneal region bends by the weight pressure and supports ideal walk to protect knee joint. In addition, to inside muscle of thigh which stabilizes knee just to wear with structure that disperse, and is easy to absorb shock to knee pressure to work on.

<Asahi shoes>
Each shoes tax-included 24,840 yen
The ninth-floor/living <Chaplin of stick>

Future model beauty apparatus which is not dryer anymore

"repuronaiza" which attracts person attention while high-quality hair dryer comes up in sequence. Technique to overturn past concept, "dryer = hair goes bad" is topic. That, by bioprogramming skill of original development, we change protein included in hair and water of hydration structure of ties of moisture closely and give moisture and luster so as to use far from not giving hair damage. We should be surprised at the effect once when we use. As experience is possible at store, at first please drop in at this opportunity of opening newly.

56,160 yen that includes repuronaiza 4D Plus tax
The second-floor/cosmetics
※Friday, January 25 NEW OPEN

As for the sweater which is full of pill totally in mint condition

Pill collecting brush rising by TV shopping. We only pat in direction of fiber and are reputation when we do not damage cloth though pill is produced surprisingly. The reason is processing of patent acquisition finished! We mold each point of a brush as the Model T, and we are implanted by irregularities. Furthermore, pill of neck and the cuffs which it is hard to take is produced easily by having made leader double hair bunch. Is common; if is electrically operated, and cut to fiber, and is apt to harm the volume and texture, but is this brush; is catch only by pill. It is usable to cloth ranging from cashmere to wool, acrylic.

<Asakusa art brush company>
5,670 yen that includes simple pill collecting brush, artisan tax
The tenth-floor/TOKYU HANDS

It is more fun by the making of lunch

Is the making of lunch begun in this easily? "kobentou" which person of dishes Shinpei Kurihara thought about "size that was delicious for person who person who made was easy to squeeze up, and ate", and was completed. Lunch that we only pick up side dish on the rice as there is depth in spite of being 13*8*4.5cm and small size, and look is easily good is the completion. Rice which taste of side dish soaked into moderately is delicious and can continue this! We have a lot of voices of this. As it is made of aluminum, without smell shift, it is easy to wash. It is convenient even if we use as bat for preliminary arrangements.

<Share with Harumi Kurihara>
2,592 yen that includes kobentou tax
The ninth-floor/living

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