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Linen blouse that looking thinner comes true

Linen blouse that looking thinner comes true

Rice cooker of "furnace" much-talked-about in "the daybreak of Gaia"

In "the daybreak of Gaia" earthenware pot "furnace" of topic boiling. All earthenware pot which Iga roast pottery "Nagatani garden" founded in 1832 makes is celebrity in the world of furnace kashigi kinoyodato cooking. The Daimaru Tokyo staff has many users and is sensation when we can taste U.S. original sweetness with fluffy luster. "Furnace" of such appendix slaver became electric rice cooker after time of 4 years and 500 trial manufacture. We can cook ideal rice with one button.

86,184 yen that includes furnace Electric tax
The ninth-floor / tableware, kitchenware

Gauze muffler that absorption can wash sweat quickly

Coming season to care about temperature control. It is gauze muffler to want you to have one piece. We are used, and innovative gauze which has been applied for a patent on called "marshmallow gauze" which is high-dimensional, and realized lightness and the softness is the feel to be addicted to when we use once. As we are superior in water absorptivity and breathability, heat retention, let alone air conditioner measures, we make an outstanding performance as handkerchief in sweating environment. It is the nice point to be able to wash in house.

3,780 yen that includes reversible marshmallow gauze muffler tax
The ninth-floor / towel

Romantic brightness of venetian glass

Refined elegance, combination of fresh water pearl with glass and a feeling of quiet luster of refreshing silver KOLOR. <CRESCENT HEIGHTS> which was particular about maid in Japan let wonderful accessories sublimate by delicate handwork. Presence that is not too delicate is outstanding performance for accent for coordinates for impression that article is good, and is cool.

12,960 yen that includes short necklace tax
15,120 yen that includes long necklace tax
8,640 yen that includes bracelet tax
5,400 yen that includes pierced earrings tax
The third-floor / accessories

Do you not bring yourself bleatingly?

Neck and face, rash of decollete which increase all too soon from around 30 generations. It is called grain wart, and drop of quantity of sebum and damage of drying and ultraviolet ray seem to be causes. One which is popular among the care apricot kernel oil (apricot kernel oil). If after having washed, perform oil massage round and round, and if aim at skin of beauty treatment salon return, wrap up in hot towel, and infiltrate; plumply with moisture on skin. As it is light oil, it is familiar straight, and it is nice point that is hard to be clinging.

<tree of life>
Organic apricot kernel oil
25 ml of tax-included 972 yen
70 ml of tax-included 1,728 yen
Tree of the ninth-floor / life

Fashion refrigerator to be able to carry

Do you know store specializing in high quality frozen foods which struck Tokyo from France last year? Elaborate dishes and sweets arriving from country of dainty food are delicious and attract attention recently when instagenic. It is this to be convenient when we go to buy such a frozen foods. Cool gel which had function to cool is unified with bag and continues coldness for up to ten hours. Because it is "refrigerator to be able to carry", we make an outstanding performance for outdoor leisure such as picnic or drive.

4,320 yen that includes picnic tote tax
The ninth-floor / tableware, kitchenware

Wireless Bra which fits various figures

This season worn light clothes, SUHADA of <Wacoal> are rapidly gaining in popularity. It is fitted various figures without unreasonableness by "3D assimilation frame" design. He/she makes beautiful chest well while being familiar with skin. Comfortable unprecedented new comfort feels horror of study development capability of maker beautifully. Size is abundant, and variation in color is attractive including skin KOLOR melting into the bare skin, too. The one rank top more than wireless Bra is good to desired you.

From 6,048 yen including SUHADA 3/4 cup Bra tax
The the fourth-floor / underwear section

During popular boiling, it is Tsugaru biidoro

Folkcraft <Tsugaru biidoro> of Aomori where attention gathers again when familiar with the present living though it is slightly nostalgic and misses. Hue warm and simple design which float for fishery is the origin, and were handcrafted one by one by craftsman are features. When Aya playing with a ball hitting with the hand series studded with changes of the four seasons vividly is attractive just to put in room, it is reputation.

<Tsugaru biidoro>
2,700 yen that includes Aya playing at bouncing a handball tax
The ninth-floor / Japanese dishes

High vanity Bamboo bag which adult wants to have

Seeing affordable price bag which adult wants to have high, and seizing point. It is point that refined Nuance KOLOR is prepared commencing with 2-way design which has, and is possible, good-quality synthetic leather which is light, and is strong in the rain, trendy yellow on Bamboo steering wheel. Simplicity that it is easy to match with office casually is attractive.

Each bag tax-included 10,260 yen
Each tote bag tax-included 11,880 yen
The ninth-floor / LAZY SUSAN

It is beautiful silhouette in comfortable one

One piece that grants desire to want to wear popular wide pants for more comfort neatly. He/she directs neater line in straight one relaxedly though it is silhouette. It is good that stress is free as WEST is rubber specification. It is secret charm that WEST looks thin. As we are put together from pumps to sneakers widely, it is sure to get what we cannot part with when we wear once.

8,629 yen that includes wide pants tax
The fifth-floor / PLS+T

With sign of spring sneakers lightly

"Sneakers which stylish person continues repeating" image is strong <new balance>. But we are distinguished for wearing simply because it is forced shoes maker which was born to BACKBONE by anatomical knowledge of foot. Because it is light and is comfortable <new balance>, there are a lot of people called ichi*, too! In addition to constant seller of rustic impression, we appeared in pastel color which was used to light impression this season.

<new balance>
10,692 yen that includes sneakers tax
The third-floor / woman shoes

Tableware of Frank Lloyd light

Great architect of the 20th century when we designed Imperial Hotel in the Taisho era, Frank Lloyd light. Light designed tableware which we used with "light building", and Japanese earthenware unlimited partnership of forerunner of <Noritake> produced in those days. It is two kinds of Collection with dignified tableware which prepared design of light into motif in commemoration of the birth 150th anniversary in 2017 newly. Colorful design of aestheometry is good to both Japanese and Western dishes. We can enjoy atmosphere of restaurant at home.

<Frank Lloyd light march balloons>
15cm square plate (one piece) tax-included 7,560 yen, (pair) tax-included 15,120 yen
Coffee bowl plate (one set) tax-included 6,480 yen, (pair) tax-included 12,960 yen
The ninth-floor / Noritake

Earrings which do not hurt to be able to enjoy by pierced earrings sense

Is it pierced earrings? Catch earrings of <misty> which seems to take this for. We match casual by simple hoop type, and a feeling of size that it is easy to put on enhances the ear casually. And though you are hard to fall even if superior one interests, you bring, and do not have a pain. As design charm which we can customize sold separately is substantial, we enjoy various expressions in conformity to spring wear and?

<misty> Catch earrings + charm
①21,600 yen that includes earrings tax
②10,800 yen that includes charm tax
③23,760 yen that includes earrings tax
④14,040 yen that includes charm tax
⑤18,360 yen that includes earrings tax
⑥18,360 yen that includes charm tax
The the third-floor / accessories section

The first appearance, ideal knee-length

Knee-length cut-and-sew came up from <agnes b.> with many repeaters with good comfort for the first time, too. In this spring when simplicity is liked, face is shown neatly line of neck, and the former reputation is skyrocketing when mix-and-match works besides. As for the refined silhouette, esprit of Paris is felt and wants to classify 1-2 pieces into wardrobe. As width of coordination is wide, it is outstanding performance while traveling.

<agnes b.>
6,480 yen that includes sleeve cut-and-sew tax for five minutes
The the sixth-floor / ladies' wear section

It is easy to use at good quality! Quite popular roberutapieri

Bag brand <roberutapieri> born in Toscana which global maison brand deals with. There is modern monogram print in nylon material which knit Du Pont thread made in Switzerland densely, and silky luster is impressive. Leather steering wheel is refined, and what it is easy to match with suit and tender skirt, denim is attractive. Besides, with functionality that documents of A4 size are delivered to completely, utility fuses with beauty wonderfully. As there is shoulder, it is good as side bag.

27,000 yen (24*22*15cm) that includes mini-bag tax
The the third-floor / woman shoes section

Mascot which invites money and person

Beckoning cat of pair having eyes tokurikurino eyes laughing at with a smile. When child raising left hand which should cause money invites person, child that mascot includes the right hand is handed down for a long time. Because refined form and feel of a material like love are Noritake bone china which evaluation is high in with tableware. Including living and the entrance attach color casually. Let alone reward to oneself, it is recommended to present.

Ornament "beckoning cat (the small) pair set" tax-included 21,600 yen
The ninth-floor / Noritake

Pretty pajamas which he/she invites to sound sleep

That we reverse ourselves from cold summer of last year, and it is intense heat in this summer? When wakeful tropical night continues, we are apt to come to need more sleep. Therefore how about pajamas that it is surprisingly light, and feel is fluent? Shelf lawn of 100-percent-cotton lawn which LIBERTY company developed originally invites to comfortable sleep without feeling a feeling of wearing. Liberty print about garden where flowers and berry are in full glory of the U.K. is particular to lead handwriting and reproduces exact manner of handling a brush.

<Amour Eugene GREE Batty fabric>
21,600 yen that includes Liberty print (Irma) pajamas tax
The ninth-floor / pajamas

Light weight parasol which is high-performance though we are stylish

It is ultraviolet ray to be interested first when sunlight begins to become strong. Therefore we pick up folding parasol of fair or rainy weather combined use not to burden even if we put in the bag all the time in the spring and summer. Though it is light and is small-sized, 99% of UV protection and *netsukoka are outstanding comforts, too. Watercolor print reflecting the image of flowers blooming in field of Cote D'Azur answers stylish needs properly. We have abundant parasols which are good to oneself from about all approximately 700 kinds of 20 brands with the first floor of other Daimaru Tokyo woman clothing.

9,180 yen that includes parasol tax
The first-floor / woman clothing

Ideal cutting board which attachment adds to so as to use

Stylish cutting board to be able to just take out to this season, dining table which come to often gather with family and friend is really useful. Therefore recommended one cuts out board of walnut materials which <icura> makes. Charm big as for walnut being very durable woody parts, and it being gradually in reddish yellow by secular variation. It is tick away memory with family, enjoying. We are stylish even if we use pretty coaster as dish for cake.

Cutting board (walnut) tax-included 1,944 yen - 5,400 yen
※Price varies according to size, forms.
864 yen that includes coaster tax
The ninth-floor / tableware creators table

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