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Body adviser &
Body fitter
We help with selection of Lingerie

Body adviser & body fitter (the qualification staff in the company) with experience will help with selection of Lingerie of customer in Daimaru Tokyo. Of Lingerie which is right commencing with measurement of body arrive; again including trouble of body of customer while counseling, is suggestion in Lingerie which is good to customer in viewpoint only by professional. Do you not receive counseling of about one hour "Lingerie fitting" leading more beautiful line of the body from periodical size check? Customer using WEB reservation service to appoint the date and time beforehand will guide without keeping waiting. In addition, the staff with experience helps with selection of Lingerie.

※It is Wacoal, Bradelis New York, woman-limited service.
※The purchase is not required.
※We can receive service of "Lingerie fitting" without reservation, but recommend the use of reservation service as we may keep waiting.


We suggest underwear realizing niceness and beauty.
We fit body without unreasonableness,
We aim at more beautiful Silhouette.

※We are canceling service at one time.

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We suggest controlling undergarment of 3 original steps to bring up.
Prepare line of the body from the origin
We aim at ideal nicely shaped breasts, beautiful buttocks.