Place where various culture and races come and go in the Mediterranean Sea blessed with the blue sea and warm climate, and the West and the Orient meet. There of the West if is delicious; Oriental unique, pleasant food culture that it was unusual, but was mixed wine is unique, and assemble in full force. Please expect in the first plan that rare article of the Mediterranean Sea and delicious meal and wine flock.

The eleventh-floor venue MAP

Seminar to approach in charm of the Mediterranean Sea more

Ten people the first in each time. We guide on first-come-first-served basis from 10 minutes before seminar start. You want and, by congestion condition of venue on the day, may not attach. Each event may be changed by convenience.

"Charm of olive oil of the Mediterranean Sea"
The holding date and time: From Friday, May 11 4:00 p.m. ※Approximately 20 minutes
Lecturer: Traders market

Olives forming charm of the Mediterranean Sea with wine adjusted to the Japanese eating habits, but there is what we do not know still more a lot. We show around kind of olive and olive oil, the way of tasting with wonderful recipe this time.
"Secret of gilt-free gelato evaluated in the world"
The holding date and time: From Saturday, May 12 1:00 p.m. ※Approximately 20 minutes
Lecturer: Pre-Marchais jierateriachifujieratiere Nobuo Nakagawa

Pre-Marchais Gelateria which achieved two branches of winning a prize (the third place and the tenth place) in international gelato contest (association of Italian gelato SIGA) carried out in Italy in January, 2018 keeps know-how of natural foods shop management for "18 years alive, and anyone can become smile! We made gelato of all natural methods including emulsifier nonuse and animal material all nonuse, and it was admitted the taste in global contest of gelato called commonplace milk and additive in this in the world by aim. Ten kinds of Flavour to prepare at "this time is all Vee cancers, and it is gelato which does not feel gilt-free, a sense of guilt. We talk about secret of gelato of delicious, healthy pre-Marchais. In venue, ten kinds of flavor comes up.
"Why is it? Reason why olive oil from Tunisia attracts attention" of
The holding date and time: From Sunday, May 13 1:00 p.m. ※Approximately 20 minutes
Lecturer: Myline carrier selection service trading company executive managing director operating officer Yoshiyuki Tsuda

Olive was brought up in all the countries of the world, but plant to grow in drylands such as desert had function to survive severe environment, and it was revealed that polyphenol was included a lot in olives from Tunisia which, in particular, led desert zone in study of University of Tsukuba. We introduce splendor of olives superior in antioxidant action.

Dainty food of the Mediterranean Sea

From olive oil which dainty food of the Mediterranean Sea included various things, but at first changed a little.

<Greece> Oyster Shell extra virgin olive oil spread plane (140 g) tax-included 1,296 yen
Into a spread which it is easy to just use both taste of olive oil and flavor for form. Spread on bread for butter sense, and to marinated seafood vegetables. The feature is that it is hard to be oxidized as it is solid. We can enjoy fresh olive oil. *Raw materials, the manufacturing method is Greek thing, but, as for this, processing becomes Japan.
<Spain> orobairenekisutorabajinoribuoiruparupikuaru (50 g) tax-included 3,218 yen
We minimized oxidation of olives which were said to be when oxidized from moment when we picked to perform at speed called approximately 120 minutes using olives only for knob already from crop to sakuyu. Olive oil shut in to CAPSEL such as beautiful pearl widens possibility of various dishes with texture of new sense. We are made with oil chosen as the highest award of the Top Ten in 100 selections of dishes kingdoms in 2018.
<Italy> bisukotteriabettinadoruchie (one can) tax-included 2,700 yen
Town of Treviso which went ahead 50km from Venice to the east is town of tiramisu origin. BiScottie which sweets manufacturer where is young and spirited created in this town makes. We can enjoy tiramisu, orange, cacao, filberts. Slightly rough image is strong, but we just set these cookies in can and are put, and, speaking of Italy, cover does not close when we pack even slightly properly. It is unique one can which can ask about performance that is Italian craftsman spirit.
<Croatia> zuigandetoryufu salt (30 g) tax-included 1,296 yen
Speaking of truffle, there will be many Italy, one thought to be Aruba, too, but Croatian chair thorapeninsula is famous as production center of truffle. It is general how to use that use truffle salt which has begun to attract attention recently including egg dishes and pasta in Japan, but we bake with Yakitori and use for charge account salt of tempura and are feeling of achievement in Japanese foods when we mix with onigiri.

In addition, various glossaries gather in Greek honey and Spanish gazupatcho, venue including Italian cheese.

Specialties of the Mediterranean Sea

ANASTASIA is company of Greek import jewelry. From small design that we knit to accessories using replica of ancient gold coin, beautiful design is attractive.
<Greece> art craft
As for the handcraft which Aristrist George rumanasu born in Greece makes, pretty bronze figure skating is installed to Wood frame of bright hue. It is art work softening person seeing without choosing place to put including living and bedroom.
<Israel> interior mat
From floor of living to luncheon mat in dining table, interior mat of various size comprises function superior in heat resistance, water resistance as well as beautiful design. We put on floor of kitchen and are usable as pot stand, and interior mat making an outstanding performance in various uses is lineup only by Mediterranean Sea fair.
<Tunisia> Tunisian miscellaneous goods Dahl Yasmin
Dahl Yasmin that glassware, various Tunisian miscellaneous goods including silverwork flock from tablecloth. Image of bazaar is the same and can enjoy.

Wine of the Mediterranean Sea

There are few heat and cold differences, and Mediterranean Sea area is warm in the summer, and it tends to dry through one year. We receive solar blessing full, and maturity degree of Tannin increases and alcoholicity is high and acidity is low and tends that it is easy to be to wine of taste with thickness. However, slopes of mountain moved estate to high high area, and invention to leave acidity for using heat and cold difference of the day was done, and, from influence of recent warming, wine which clean, clear acid could enjoy increased. Wine of the Mediterranean Sea has a lot of things which kind varies, and are individual, and it may be said that it is area that various taste can enjoy.
■Spain 2,700 yen that includes 2015 rojaguratokabafurawaedishonroze "poderoso" bubble rose tax Kind: monasutoreru 100% 2018-limited kyube of noble producer rojagurato of hippopotamus which reached the 135th anniversary last year. Conventionally, interesting kyube to be able to understand splendor of PREMIUM hippopotamus more deeply by preparing hippopotamus which blends, and is made for rose of single kind. ■Macedonia 3,888 yen that includes cam Nic winery, temuyanika 2016 white tax temuyanika meaning "flavor is high" by Macedonian is place of Macedonian muscat class grape. Flavor that is delicate with beauty to let you yearn for wild flower and herb and refined, mild taste are refreshing. Appetizer and Asian affinity with dishes are good, and splendid aroma that is recommended to Japanese dishes and gentle drink feeling are attractive. ■Montenegro purantajuvuradika 2013 red tax-included 5,500 yen Aboriginality kind vuranattsu where Montenegro is said to be origin is made in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia. Tannin is softer, and fruit taste makes well and features refreshing acid. Even if some summertime cool, you can enjoy.

Trivia of olives

■The history of olives Where will the history of olives almost basics of Mediterranean Sea dishes begin in? In Piedmont of north Italy, fossil of leaf of olives has been already found from sediment approximately 2,580,000 years ago for approximately 5 million years. In North Africa, we are excavated from remains excavation of the Stone and Metal Age and Bronze Age in Spain from stratum of the Old Stone Age in the first half year, and it is thought that olive tree has already existed in the 12000s B.C. In the origin of wild olives, there were Asia Minor and Egyptian southern part, Nubia, Ethiopia, various opinions including the Atlas Mountains, but olives came to be cultivated in whole Mediterranean Sea coast in the sixth century B.C. Olive tree is considered to be symbol of peace, but it is said to be opening that Roman utilized this as means of peace to settle the local hearts of the people that we conquered. And, with discovery (1492) of the American continent, the first olive tree was introduced to the American continent later from Seville to the West Indies. In Argentina, tree (Furuki of olives of arauko) brought at the time of South America conquest still lives one. Olives are cultivated distantly today in the remote ground from African southern part, Australia, Japan, habitat including China. "Place where olive tree does not grow ever said with border of underground sea area", but will be that the Mediterranean Sea is connected across each sea.
■Kind of olives <furantoio> It is originally from the Tuscany district, and there is sustained and high amount of production, and high quality oil is cultivated in all parts of the world because there is sakuyu. There is much self-incompatibility which is not fertilized, but, in furantoio, it may be said that olives tree does not have pollen of different kinds with kind that it is easy to bring up to do selfing. Fruity sa, bitterness and sharp taste of intermediate level are features. We can feel almond and artichoke in aftertaste. Main flavor is almond, grass, artichoke. <koroneiki> Inherent kind of koroneiki class of Greece fits the Greek calcic soil, and there is little amount of production, but there is high-quality oil. pereponesosu peninsula and Crete in southern Greece are main estates, but koroneiki species occupies more than 60% of whole land of Greece. Oil which was hard to be oxidized most at Andalucia state establishment research institute of Spain in 1996 included Greek "koroneiki" kind. Therefore we ask fry-up ideally and are broken. <pikuaru> In Spain, approximately 300 kinds of kinds are brought up, but cultivated about half is this kind. It features sharp taste and moderate bitterness that we did well, and flavor of blue tomato and herb such as mint is felt.
■Olive oil of each country <Spain> The history of Spanish olive oil proud of the olives amount of production world first place from the B.C. about first century. Aki Pius who wrote the oldest dishes book mentions good quality of olive oil from Spain. The Andalucia district and Catalonia district are famous and, for straight production center, produce higher than about 1/3 of domestic amount of production. <Greece> Consumption of olive oil per person is the number one in the world and consumes approximately 18kg a year. It is said to be about B.C. 3000 that olives cultivation began and is said to be the world's oldest country of origin. It is from approximately 3,000 small islands and, in addition to peninsula, as for the cooked olive oil, is made the slant ground with manual labor that is a lot traditional. Kind bringing up is system of "koroneiki class" on behalf of Greece, or "karamata classes" become often found. <Italy> Italy except the northern part is almost production sasereteimasu in the whole area. Therefore we bring up olives which there was on each land, and, as for the number, it is said to approximately 600 kinds that it is. By relations to bring up various kinds by various climates, study is earnest and is earnest in development, introduction of advanced technique. It may be, so to speak, said that it is existence to lead trend of olive oil. <Tunisia> Because the government instructs non-chemical organic farming in Tunisia where half of agriculturalist or more cultivate olives, and exported olive oil provides policy to have to be extra virgin olive oil which is rank that is all first-class, we can enjoy high-quality and high quality olive oil. <Turkey> In world eminent agricultural state Turkey of 100% of degree of self-sufficiency in food, we bring up aiparuku class said to be "golden olive oil" near the Aegean Sea and are used for Turkey dishes said to be one of the's three biggest dishes of the world.

To the Mediterranean Sea invite

Such as Mediterranean Sea map and climate and meal of handling country, the culture history introduce.

Greetings from each country Embassy and chamber of commerce

The handling country Embassy and the chamber of commerce gave word greetings to about holding. (alphabetical order)This page is translated using machine translation. Please note that the content may not be 100% accurate.

Republic of Croatia

H.E. Mr. Dražen Hrastić

Croatia participates at the Mediterranean Gourmet and Wine Fair at Daimaru with a variety of renowned wines from all of its wine regions.
Croatia’s unique multiregional location as Central and Southeast European as well as Mediterranean country has blessed us with a climate very conducive for agricultural production, particularly wine grapes. There is a long history of winemaking in our lands. The oldest still functioning wine cellar was built in 1232 (Kutjevo, Slavonija Region). Along with a number well-known European sorts there is variety of indigenous Croatian sorts such as Plavac mali, Graševina, Postup, Pošip, Malvazija, Žlahtina, Crljenak (and many others) being produced in our country. “Crljenak” is great grandfather of world famous Zinfandel, brought to California by the Croatian emigrants from Dalmatia in the 19th Century.
Wine is part of our culture, gastronomy, lifestyle and identity. It is also an integral part of famous, joyful and healthy Mediterranean diet.
Every year Croatia is visited by a huge number of Japanese tourists that enjoy endlessly our nature, heritage, hospitality and gastronomy. This time you will be able to experience a small but very important part of it through the Croatian wines, in Daimaru on of the most prestigious spots in the very center of Tokyo!
I welcome you on behalf of the Croatian Embassy and hope to meet many of you at the Fair.

Republic of Greece

Counsellor, Head of Economic and Commercial Affairs,Embassy of Greece
Dionyssios Protopapas

On behalf of the Greek Embassy, I would like to extend my warm welcome to the Daimaru Mediterranean Week, an event that reflects a fusion of Mediterranean gastronomic and cultural history.
Enjoy the best healthful Greek foods and drinks imported in Japan, such as olive oil and olives, feta cheese, the famous strained Greek yogurt, mountain tea, wines and other specialties as well as decorative arts and interior goods that show our rich culture which was the spark of our shared European civilization. We hope that your senses will guide you to visit Greece very soon and experience yourself more of what our land and people have to offer. Gastronomy is an essential part of Greek culture. It affects all aspects of our life. We take the best ingredients in order to make delicious food which we enjoy with friends at home or local restaurants. Wine in Greece is a way to get people closer to one another and enjoy life. Greek hospitality, just like Japanese “omotenashi”, is part of our personality. Greek people, just like Japanese people, will do everything possible for their guests.
Thanks to Daimaru, Greece and its culture are coming closer to Japan. Come and enjoy Greece’s best.


State of Israel economy minister to Japan
Noah Usher

Congratulations on "dainty food & wine fair of the Mediterranean Sea" holding. The State of Israel reaches the founding of a country 70th anniversary.
In 1952 four years after the founding of a country, we concluded diplomatic relations with Japan as the first country in East Asia. 
Relations of the two countries deepened friendship through culture, the arts and sciences, economic exchange in addition to traffic of both very important people afterward.
Because this fair is held, we deepen understanding in each other's culture and expect so that relations of the two countries become stronger.


Head of the Trade Promotion Section – Embassy of Italy
Aristide Martellini

Congratulations for the "Mediterranean Gourmet & Wine Fair"
In Italy, which was divided into smaller countries and cities until the reunification of the state 150 years ago, there are many special products rooted in local traditions. Italian gastronomy is already well known to the Japanese dining table, but I hope everyone will discover even more Italian "delicious" products and specialties during the fair. Buon Appetito!

Republic of Lebanon

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Lebanon
Mr. Nidal Yehya

Speech for "Mediterranean Gourmet Foods & Wine Fair"

I would like to express my sincere congratulations on the "Mediterranean Gourmet Foods & Wine Fair." Lebanon, a Middle Eastern country, is one of the oldest sites for wine production in the world. More than 5,000 years ago, the Phoenicians - ancient inhabitants of present-day Lebanon, became the world's first wine makers and exporters, shipping their product to Egypt, Rome, Greece and Carthage through the ancient port of Byblos Kingdom (origin of the Alphabet). It was taken to Egypt in large volumes and traded for gold. Today Lebanon exports its wine for many countries in the EU and other international markets, such as the US.
Lebanon is a paradise for grape growing with its limestone soils, high altitude vineyards and near perfect climatic conditions. The history of winemaking in Lebanon goes back thousands of years, but the modern era began in 1857 with the arrival of Jesuits from France who established what is now Château Ksara, one of the oldest renowned wineries in Lebanon.
Because it' s no secret that wine pairs excellently with Middle Eastern food, the prevalence of wine in the Lebanese cultures dates back to the beginning of written history because winemaking and Lebanese cuisine have evolved side-by-side for centuries. Lebanon has the perfect and luxurious wine pairing for any plate! Please experience it and enjoy it!

Republic of Macedonia

Embassy of the Republic of MacedoniaAmbassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary
Dr. Andrijana CVETKOVIKJ

I would like to express my heartfelt congratulations to the organizers of the “Mediterranean and gastronomy & wine fair” to which the Republic of Macedonia is represented with its high quality wines. Located in the very heart of south-eastern Europe, The Republic of Macedonia is well known for the numerous sunny days it has which are a source of rich tastes and aromas in the Macedonian kitchen and more than sufficient for growing grapes and production of best wines. Please visit our booth and enjoy the specific note and unique taste of the Macedonian wine. I would also like to use this opportunity to invite all of you to visit the Republic of Macedonia and experience the unique beauty of the oldest and deepest Lake in Europe – the Ohrid Lake, delicious traditional food, idyllic villages and unrivalled hospitality.


※Because Montenegro does not install embassy to Japan at the present, there is no comment.

Republic of Serbia

Republic of Serbia Embassy ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary
Nenad Glisic

We offer congratulations by holding of "dainty food & wine fair of the Mediterranean Sea". Serbia is located in the center of Balkan Peninsula contacting with the Mediterranean Sea. It is landlocked country, but relationship with the Mediterranean Sea coast countries is deep and features a great variety of culture, customs. Food culture in particular strongly receives East-West influence geographically, and fresh meat, vegetables, dairy product, dishes using fruit are exquisite.
In addition, wine is delicious country to the people in the know. By this fair, wine and individual wine including red wine using Serbian inherent kind "purokupattsu" which the Serbian Royal Family loved line up. We think that you surely like Japanese authorities of wine. Besides, paste "eye bal" of paprika which Serbian loves is correct to grilled meat let alone bread and crackers well.
It is appetite "that happiness occurs in from mouth" in Serbia, and there is the skill. We have many of you arrive and want to have you feel happier.

Republika Slovenija

Slovenian republic Embassy Minister Counsellor
Mr. Matijaž Ingolič

Congratulations for the "Mediterranean Gourmet & Wine Fair" Slovenian vineyards are located in the very centre of the European wine-growing belt. No less than 52 vine varieties grow here. Due to the differences in soil, climate, and cellaring methods, each wine-growing region has its own selection of varieties. The interlinked influences of the climate and the soil allow Slovenia to have a greater diversity in its wine offerings.
We hope everyone to enjoy our Slovenian Wine.

Spanish kingdom

The Spanish chamber of commerce president residing in Japan
Mr. gierumo Guti eres

Congratulations for the "Mediterranean Gourmet & Wine Fair" Spain is country loving street known as (eating between meal of three times of meals and two times) eating five times a day,, "we eat" deeply. Interest in country Spain of dainty food represented by Iberico ham, olives, wine increases in Japan for these past several years and thinks that you can sense the richness, charm of Spanish food culture bodily through this fair. It was Spain which reached the diplomacy establishment 150th anniversary with Japan in this year, but direct flight to capital Madrid revived from 2016, and distance with Japan became nearer. Next is actually the field; visiting bal! Person called this come to Spain by all means!

Republic of Tunisia

Embassy of the Republic of Tunisia
Ambassador Extraordinary and PlenipotentiaryMr. Kais Darragi

I would like to express my congratulations on the occasion of the organization of the “Mediterranean Gourmet & Wine Fair”.
Tunisia has a long history of 3000 years. Western and Eastern cultures have merged from the Carthage era to modern Tunisia.
Through this fair, I hope you will discover the charm of Tunisia and enjoy its delicious food. I invite you to visit Tunisia. Surely, you will be captivated by the majestic archaeological monuments, the beautiful beaches and the magnificent Sahara Desert.

List of each country Embassy support