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mariaju of wine and dishes
Encounter ... with ... vest hit wine and basement No. 1 side dish

As combination to come out when we regard mariaju of dishes as wine, there is "white wine to red wine fish dishes to red meat". Because saltiness of fish softens acidity and bitterness of white wine as for this whereas taste of sauce of red meat shows bitterness and acidity and synergism of red wine, it is said to be mariju of royal road.
On the other hand, is it not place where all of vinosity always feels secretly that all red wine does not match all meat dishes? Therefore we want to guide hint of mariaju this time while taking "best wine and each side dish shop No. 1 popularity menu which were popular by liquor and cheese Festival of the 93rd world of basement cheeks town" for example.
Various taste harmonizes, and superior cooking is felt, and it may not be said with only one taste, but at first you spotlight one element in dishes, and please think about mariaju. Point of the case is to match deepness (= strength) of taste.


Were you able to have you feel some hints in possibility of mariaju?
As there is wine more than 1,000 kinds in venue, please try mariaju with wonderful dishes in various ways by all means.