Great master of dishes world deals
Chocolate of the best material

Great master Alain Ducasse of French cuisine world which Michelin was the youngest in history, and got three star, and movie released last autumn was "restaurant of the Alain Ducasse Imperial Court", and attracted public attention. Chocolate studio which he deals with opens in Tokyo, Nihonbashi following Paris in March, 2018. We select carefully, and high quality material is expressed whether material original taste and flavor are rich in pom-pom chocolate made with the traditional manufacturing method by cacao bean.

<le chocolate Alain Ducasse>
It is 6,048 yen assorted dekuveruto (with 15) [tax-included]
/the first floor special event space (Yurakucho side) ※From Wednesday, January 23

We groan in originality of Japanese craftswoman
Novel chocolate

Chocolatier, Yuki Nakamura based in Australia Perth is Japanese attention brand which opened a store for the first time in Kobe in December, 2017. Taste that chocolate which Japan, she who knows overseas much material produces is nicety by cross-fertilization of plural flavor, and is complicated is the truth height. Pom-pom chocolate which expressed party of life is a celebration (auspicious occasion) which we experienced this time in Perth comes up.

<Nakamura Chocolate>
It is 3,564 yen [limited number 120] [tax-included] celebration Box (with nine)
/the first floor special event space (Yurakucho side) ※From Wednesday, January 23

The four seasons in Japan and season of hachihoen
We express with the sum material chocolate

Sweets brand which well-established marriage ceremonial hall <hachihoen> of Shirokanedai, Tokyo having Japanese garden of about 12,000 tsubos having been continued since the Edo era deals with. Chocolate which imaged the four seasons when are popular among foreign tourists in Japan and season of hachihoen uses the seasonal sum material that selected carefully from cherry tree of Kanagawa, white sesame of komaeimon of Yamaguchi, green shiso of Kosaka farm of Tokyo Kokubunji, all over Japan including non-chemical sudachi of Tokushima. It is Collection which can enjoy the four season to fade, and to go in Japan.

<hachihoen kiki season season>
It is 3,240 yen chocolate (with eight) [tax-included] bong bong season for father kiki season to learn whether it is in season
/the first floor special event space (Yurakucho side) ※From Wednesday, January 23

Of Italian celebrity-like purveyance for the government
Chocolate from Turin

In battleground Italy Turin of chocolate, we fuse with traditional recipe in innovativeness and get overwhelming support. It was chosen as the world best praline among "London academy of chocolate" in 2008. Popular Jean Doe-ya "avian knot" thoroughly enjoys the essence of Italian chocolate with set which assorted genuine cappuccino Flavour.

<Guido gobino>
It is 2,030 yen [tax-included] Guido strike rear 6 (with six)
/the first floor special event space (Yurakucho side) ※From Wednesday, January 23

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Is in the twenties; of "C.C.C." receiving a prize
Large attention Chocolatier

Chocolatier which is young and spirited that it is founded in Paris in 2014 and shines in originality Prize early in salon do chocolate "C.C.C." in 2016, and the future is regarded as rose color. Set which assorted receiving a prize chocolate that taste of all the countries of the world including Valentine-limited ganache reflecting the image of Japanese cherry tree, ganache of praline of Indian curry, Taiwan oolong tea is fun is appearance.

<Ed Wirt>
It is 3,360 yen/the eleventh floor exhibition space Valentine selection (with nine) [tax-included] ※From Thursday, January 24

Artistic sensitivity glitters
Creamy praline

Chocolatier that Philip shuroien which grew in Chocolatier home of Belgium has face of artist. We create chocolate full of passion with bloom which fused with production technology of chocolate inherited in families with artistic originality from generation to generation. Taste that praline made with handcraft carefully is really creamy.

<Philip shuroien>
It is 2,268 yen/the eleventh floor exhibition space [tax-included] Philip shuroiempurarineasoto P (with six) ※From Thursday, January 24

The Belgian king puts trust, too,
Supreme chocolate

Young Chocolatier which plays an active part in chocolate kingdom Belgium. We provide chocolate and dessert as the attendance patissier of the Royal Family at party hosted by the Royal Family visiting all the countries of the world. Flavor that cacao is mellow as for bitter truffle with real chocolate which we finished without using plant oil and fat except cocoa butter and smooth melting of butter are special dishes called highest point.

<Stephane vanduparu>
It is 1,728 yen/the eleventh floor exhibition space bitter truffle (40 g) [tax-included] ※From Thursday, January 24

Origin maison of pom-pom chocolate
The re-landing in Japan

It is founded as drugstore in 1857. Belgium Royal Family purveyance for the government brand which develops chocolate bong bong for the first time afterwards in the world as store specializing in chocolate, and ticks away the name in history of chocolate. Five kinds that selected carefully mainly on one kind of caprice series that wrapped various filling in fragrant nugatinu and chocolate in the box in commemoration of the re-landing in Japan to set.

It is 2,160 yen/the eleventh floor exhibition space etaniti five (with five) [tax-included] ※From Thursday, January 24

You can buy only in Belgium
Japanese non-release truffle

Belgian brand founded in 1976. Innovative, creative chocolate has been loved for many years while following tradition with Jean Galler with ascetic practices experience in France and Switzerland. Truffle of non-release to be able to buy only in Belgium in Japan usually comes up this time. Two kinds of "Dark" of "vanilla" using vanilla characterized by moderate sweet flavor and refined, powerful taste to set.

It is 1,944 yen/the eleventh floor exhibition space truffle (with four) [tax-included] ※From Thursday, January 24

Is after a long absence; of appearance in Japan
We pay attention to pom-pom with sesame

Pierre Herme quite popular every year. Pom-pom chocolate "uvurutowa" becoming appearance for the first time in several years is topic this year in Japan. There is one meal of value in special dish that new charm of praline and nugatinu was drawn by flavor of sesame. In addition, set that assorted drawing card product "Ispahan" which treated stylish limited illustration is appearance.

<Pierre Herme Paris>
It is 3,402 yen/the first floor cheeks town Western confectionery assorted chocolate (with eight) [tax-included] bong bong ※From Wednesday, January 23

Of luxurious aroma and melting
Organic chocolate

Organic chocolate which Mr. Jean = Michelle malt low that is born in organic farmhouse for two generations, and grew up among nature deals with. High-quality chocolate which drew charm of material is center of public attention every year. Assorted chocolate representing brand which individualized individuality and flavor of various cacaos is enchanted by deluxe aroma and melting unintentionally.

<Jean = Michelle malt low>
It is 2,754 yen/the first floor cheeks town Western confectionery [tax-included] JMM Celec Chillon (with nine) ※From Wednesday, January 23

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