"Great cover" has a gap only of 0.01mm

<bamyukyura> Even if anyone makes oven pot round, is delicious; can cook!
"Secret" becoming delicious which can assert so with confidence is ant on life of pan, occlusive high "great cover". This "great cover" is only 0.01mm in gap with the body. With 0.01mm, it is approximately same as thickness of lap. Even if gap cried, high anhydrous cooking to let it was occlusive, and material original taste condense more as it was not exaggeration was enabled. In addition, it is occlusive and adds, and we circulate steam including taste of material effectively, and shape of cover about fluent streamline draws taste of ingredients. If we meet, "great cover" is one which we can cook which is delicious even if who makes.

"Great person" must not forget expert craftsman to make "great cover".
<bamikyura> But, there was not anhydrous cooking pan of enamel in the world until we created. "Precision processing" to sharpen casting of finished iron by casting "casting" to dissolve iron, and to make form precisely. Because it is difficult to make if it is not manufacturer having "great people" with these two techniques. It is pan of <bamikyura> we make use of the strength, and to have been completed.

<bamyukyura> Oven pot round (18cm) tax-included 23,760 yen ...
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