Daimaru Umeda

Father's Day special

Basic casual item which is re-Ruxy on holiday.Basic casual item which is re-Ruxy on holiday.


Special Collection of golf meet "Ryder Cup" held once in two years.

We adopt material of ultra dry. It is polo shirt characterized by hot comfortable comfort silky even in the summer. As for the emblem of limitation for point.


Each polo shirt tax-included 14,040 yen

●The eighth-floor men's clothes

<23KU homme><23KU homme>

To captive of light comfort.

Polo shirt & T-shirt that fiber made from paperfiber thread is eco-friendly and washable hat.

<23KU homme>

7,560 yen that includes 12,960 yen, hat tax including 15,120 yen, T-shirt tax including polo shirt tax

●The eighth-floor men's clothes


Everlasting fashion icon.

It is familiar in logo of laurel. Commencing with basic model made in the U.K., it is design state state.


Each polo shirt tax-included 12,960 yen

●The eighth-floor central men miscellaneous goods

Appearance of stylish daddy.Appearance of stylish daddy.


Business trip and necessities on travel.

It is in to face wash, freshness and pouch to wash clearly original to humidity retention liquid cosmetics giving moisture at trial size of body shampoo.


3,240 yen that includes men's trial kit tax
[Acty buffet chair wash (30 g), moisture gel S(12g), total shampoo (30 ml), original pouch]

●The second-floor cosmetics

<plastic udo men><plastic udo men>

Impression that refreshing, subtle flavor likes.

In both suit and the step, serious matter reduces unpleasant smell in swish and blow a feeling of cleanliness.

<plastic udo men>

It is each tax-included 1,944 yen suit refresher (deodorant for clothing, for each 200 ml) (citrus musk, grooming citrus)
Foot refresher (deodorant for socks, 50 ml) tax-included 1,512 yen

●The eighth-floor central men miscellaneous goods

<white bamboo temple>

Taste of adult.

Is founded in Kyoto; and 300 years. We declare Kyoto of man of texture like summer including indigo dyeing, but gather.

<white bamboo temple>

10,800 yen that includes sensu a. book indigo dyeing set tax
b.8,640 yen that includes Arrows set tax

●The eighth-floor central men miscellaneous goods

Daddy of discerning group valuing time for hobby is understood.Daddy of discerning group valuing time for hobby is understood.

Subaru 360 Bluetooth speaker Volkswagen the beetle wireless mouse Fiat old USB memory

Daddy of car enthusiast smiles unintentionally, too.

Use, and, to see decoration, is fun; excellent car is joining a group to device of father.

Each 5,184 yen, Volkswagen the beetle wireless mouse tax-included 5,979 yen, Fiat old USB memory (16GB) including Subaru 360 Bluetooth speaker tax tax-included 3,888 yen

●The eighth-floor central men miscellaneous goods

<S proto label press>

Daddy of coffee enthusiast is satisfied very much, too♪

Filter which can enjoy delicious coffee anywhere and tumbler which was unified.

<S proto label press>

Tumbler (300 ml) for coffee tax-included 5,940 yen

●The twelfth-floor kitchenware

Nihonbashi KIYANihonbashi KIYA

Figure standing in kitchen looks good.

The Noriko Tsuiki supervision of person of dyeing and weaving. Cloth "dark blue marbled beef" of Kokura textile using thread of black and strong indigo plant.

Nihonbashi KIYA

8,640 yen that includes apron tax

●The twelfth-floor kitchenware

"Casualness" is link coordination point."Casualness" is link coordination point.


We aim at green brilliancy!

Mt. sleeve kaho child and collaboration of illustrator. As for daddy and the chance to golf, and to make the debut♥


Polo shirt (men's :M, L) tax-included 17,280 yen, (ladies' M L) tax-included 20,520 yen, hat (men's) Tax-included 8,532 yen (ladies') Tax-included 10,584 yen

●The eighth-floor golf wear

<VAN Jacket>

We can aim at instagenic, too!

Refreshing & casual parent and child coordination which is good in coming season.

<VAN Jacket>

T-shirt (:M, L, LL for adult) tax-included 6,912 yen, (height 100, 120cm for child) tax-included 3,996 yen
※Thing without mention of price is reference product.

●9th Floor Men's Clothing


We are transfixed by the prettiness.

Mustache Dharma of original character who finished Japanese tradition motif in pop.


T-shirt (for adult: SS, S M L) tax-included 2,700 yen, (for child: 90-130cm tall) tax-included 2,700 yen

●10th Floor, Children's Clothing