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Beginning person of "pumps beautiful woman."

Period : Wednesday, March 14 → 27th Tuesday place: The fourth-floor ladies' shoes Cinderella Avenue

It is at the beginning of thing that wants to try from this spring, and is new in Daimaru Umeda.

We give person who wants to wear pumps with work and formal and do.
Both figure which we wore and the inside are wonderful ☆Point to become pumps beautiful woman
1 "first step what know at size of right foot." In polite measurement and fitting, good shoes are found.
2 to and "know shoes care method one step ahead." We initiate into the way of care to wear favorite shoes beautifully for a long time.

First a little is black pumps rule in this
☆Variation in size is abundant
Size (we carve with 21.5-26.0cm, 0.5cm), Y's (C - EEE), form (wide former light standard) of foot are available.
※By product, there is size without the handling.
☆Stability that is comfortable to walk in, and is hard to be tiring
For design that is easy to take the weight by adjusting position and direction of heel, and is comfortable to walk in. Based on ergonomics, part of tiptoe lowered the little finger side on the thumb side highly.
(the left) <Wacoal success walk> pumps a. Tax-included 19,440 yen / b. Tax-included 20,520 yen / c. Tax-included 19,440 yen
<Wacoal success walk> Fitting & conference
●Wednesday, March 14 10:00 a.m. → It is noon in / every day on Tuesday on 27th on Monday on 26th on Sunday on 25th on Saturday on 24th on Thursday on 22nd on Wednesday (holiday) on Tuesday, 21st for Sunday, 20 days for Saturday, 18 days for 5:00 p.m., Friday, March 16, 17 days → Holding occasional at 7:00 p.m.
Salesperson with Wacoal exclusive belonging, qualification of shoemaker comes to the store. You can choose in peace clearly for the first time in one in pumps.

We play an ON-OFF role, and next a little adds color. <bene screw> KOLOR pumps
☆Functionality to be able to run cool breezily
We catch the ground, and groove with depth along movement of sole when we ran shows grip power. He/she smoothens getting out kick. We reduce burden to foot in sole with thickness.
☆Three-dimensional insole which is kind to foot
With two kinds of cushions moderating shock on tiptoe and part of the root. By design to wrap up heel, and to raise a sense of stability, we fit sole.
(the right) <bene screw> each running software strap pumps tax-included 12,800 yen
<bene screw> Measurement society
●Saturday, March 17, 18th Sunday every day 11:00 a.m. → Holding occasional at 6:00 p.m.
Using 3D measure, we measure size of foot. We suggest one pair that is good to the cause by measurement result. As we understand the result immediately, please casually.

Have in bag, and can clean quickly; is portable. a.486 yen that includes Grove shine tax
We remove dirts and give leather nutrition and flexibility and natural luster. b.safiruyunibasarurezaroshon (150 ml) tax-included 1,620 yen
By Argan oil combination, we are superior in humidity retention, conservatives and reformists effect. c.Lumi E:R cream puff (30 g) tax-included 1,296 yen
Remove dust of the day quickly, and state that is tired to shoes. d.972 yen that includes horse hair brush tax

Shoo care event [participation for free]
Quick Shoo care event
●It is noon in / every day on Tuesday on 27th on Monday on 26th on Friday on 23rd on Thursday on 22nd on Tuesday for Monday, 20 days for Friday, 19 days for Thursday, 16 days for Wednesday, March 14, 15 days → 7:00 p.m.
●It is 11:00 a.m. in / every day on Sunday for Saturday, 25 days for Wednesday (holiday), 24 days for Sunday, 21 days for Saturday, March 17, 18 days → Holding occasional at 6:00 p.m.

Professional of Shoo care comes to the store. We introduce method of care while polishing shoes on the spot.

<Columbus> Care conference
●Saturday, March 24, 25th Sunday / every day noon → Holding occasional at 6:00 p.m.
Advice of care for Shoo care supplies method by the <Columbus> staff.
※Depending on state of shoes, we may not cope. ※You may have to wait at the time of congestion.

Fitting zone of stress-free that had favorable reception last time comes up this time. You take off shoes, and please try even several pairs to the full.
Step1. Let's leave shoes. 
I take shoes of customer. Meanwhile, we give Quick shoeblack free.
Step2. We measure means of transportation. 
Shoo coordinator of qualification maintainer in the company measures legendary man with long legs, foot line which are indispensable to selection of shoes at any time. Mark of shukodineta is mark. Visit casually.

☆Daimaru Umeda woman shoes Cinderella Avenue formula Instagram from this

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