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Autumn bread Festival

Period : Wednesday, September 12 → 25th Tuesday place: The second floor of the ground bakery, the first floor under the ground east side dish, the first floor under the ground east event space

Is delicious, and is healthy, the leading role is cereals & nut.

To proud bread that flavor of wheat opens so as to bite if we bite from thing of Rich taste that we did heavily that is unbearable for nuts enthusiast. Match meal; introduce bread of adult taste a little bit.
※You offer product in a considerable number, but forgive on sellout. One arrangement. Thing without mention of price is reference product.

Bread using rye cloth and two kinds of bread with cheese come up.
<Paul Bocuse bakery>
a.panofuromajunoa (nothing) tax-included 734 yen, b. pando kampanyurezannoa (nothing) tax-included 626 yen, c. makadamianfondu (nothing) tax-included 172 yen
To bread of natural yeast, we enter in fig and cream cheese.
d.Walnut fig (nothing) tax-included 324 yen, e. Craft cheese (nothing) tax-included 259 yen, f. Walnut Danish (nothing) tax-included 324 yen
●All are the second floor of the ground bakeries

Affinity that walnut and dried fruit and chocolate like!
g.Melange (nothing) tax-included 432 yen, h. Freon lantern (nothing) of walnut and coffee chocolate tax-included 216 yen, i. Walnut tax-included 216 yen of France (nothing) ●The second floor of the ground bakery
As for this, secret of taste is sauce and bread☆
It is sand with soft fins or sesame VANS that flavor is good with sauce suddenly.
Maisen j. Mini-fins and burger (nothing) tax-included 237 yen ●The first floor under the ground east side dish

※All are in a limited quantity. ※As for both products about one purchase to three points per person. ※Reservation, hold is not made. ※As it may become sale delay, cancellation by the arrival situation, forgive. ※By the congestion situation, we may issue rearranging ticket.

Accent exquisite homemade mayonnaise and mustard with full of Wednesday, September 12
<Kitashinchi sand> 900 yen that includes egg cutlet sandwich (running out of 6) [limited number 150] tax
Fruit sand which is popular among women on Thursday, September 13. It is ◎. to snacks of 3:00 and dessert after a meal
626 yen that includes first appearance Dojima <art fruit factory mint> mint (fruit sand, 1 pack) [limited number 80] tax

Friday, September 14
Deluxe bread which "is delicious to ear softly." You match texture that toast just does the softness, and was crunchy with preference, and please have.
The first appearance <Panya Ashiya>
PREMIUM (bread, 1.5 loaves)
100 sets available Tax-included 810 yen

Saturday, September 15
Is full of flavor of butter; is cute; beat; model bread. It is home with the taste that is not only cute by all means♪
Shop <BRUNO> of first appearance bread and cafe
Of happiness beat; bread ear (nothing)
100 sets available Tax-included 421 yen

Sunday, September 16
We are proud of flavor of wheat, natural sweetness, solved texture.
Store specializing in first appearance high quality bread <*hon>
Pole beauty "natural" bread (two loaves)
70 sets available Tax-included 900 yen
Pole straight "milk butter" bread (two loaves)
50 sets available Tax-included 950 yen

September 17 Monday (holiday)
Discerning bread which we baked by the manufacturing method that used for fresh butter and good-quality fresh cream luxury, and valued wheat original taste.
First appearance bread studio <Kasuga>
Bread (1.5 loaves)
[limited number 150] Tax-included 580 yen

Tuesday, September 18
It is ideal form of bread which <* the beauty> aims at it is simple and just eats, and to be the most delicious.
<* the beauty>
High-quality "life" bread (two loaves)
170 sets available Tax-included 864 yen

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  • Ladies' & beauty
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  • Art, kimono, jewels and ornaments
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